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Archadeck Is The Finest And Most Trusted Deck Builder In Reynoldsburg OH

Thanks to Archadeck in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, area homeowners now enjoy a diverse outdoor living landscape characterized by various custom features. Whether it’s rebuilding a deck or redecking the surface of the one you already enjoy, we do it all.

Reynoldsburg Outdoor Living Rooms

Our outdoor living rooms often incorporate desirable elements like comfortable seating, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens, providing residents with spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Decks are popular additions, extending living areas into the outdoors, and are often customized for specific needs.

Reynoldsburg Porch Builder

Porches contribute to our community's charm, serving as inviting spaces for socializing. Our custom outdoor work in Reynoldsburg may include lighting, cooling and creative designs tailored to our region's climate.

Our city's residents often prioritize functionality and aesthetics in their custom porch designs by Archadeck, enhancing their outdoor spaces to enjoy the changing seasons. Overall, Reynoldsburg showcases a vibrant outdoor living culture with a focus on personalized and practical elements.

Reynoldsburg Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

In Reynoldsburg, outdoor living spaces are most often designed with a blend of beauty and usability. Homeowners here frequently invest in landscaping to create visually appealing surroundings, incorporating local flora that thrives in Ohio's climate. Custom decks and patios are crafted to seamlessly integrate with the natural terrain, offering residents a connection to the outdoors. And if combination outdoor living spaces are what you’re looking for, call us at 740-265-3905 for a no-obligation design consultation at no charge.

Reynoldsburg TimberTech Deck Builders

Throughout the town, Archadeck has enjoyed the pleasure of designing unique and multi-functional pergolas and gazebos, providing shade and architectural interest to outdoor spaces. Some of our pergola designs also incorporate the inclusion of Polygal panels to go the next step in UV ray protection.

Our community often embraces a variety of outdoor living building materials such as wood, stone, and composite decking, to enhance durability and visual appeal.

And when it comes to Reynoldsburg custom decks, we champion the use of TimberTech decking products by AZEK – “Everything wood should be.”

The AZEK company says “should be” because the attributes, strength, and durability of TimberTech decking are amazing. Among its most sought after properties are:

Durability: AZEK and TimberTech are known for manufacturing durable, weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements. This is crucial for outdoor spaces exposed to rain, snow, sun, and other environmental factors.

Low Maintenance: Their deck, porch, pergola and outdoor living room building products are designed to be low maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep compared to traditional wood materials. This is often most appealing to homeowners who want outdoor spaces that are easy to care for.

Variety of Options: AZEK and TimberTech offer a wide range of products, including decking, railing, and other outdoor building materials. The variety allows our expert builders to choose materials that suit the specific needs and design preferences of their clients.

Innovative Technology: AZEK and TimberTech pride themselves on incorporating advanced technologies into their products, such as hidden fastening systems, composite materials, and other features that can enhance the overall construction process and the performance of the outdoor space.

Warranty and Support: What’s more in their favor is the availability of strong warranties and customer support that is a significant preference factor. Our professional builders prefer products such as these that come with solid warranties, providing assurance to our clients.

Environmentally Friendly: AZEK and TimberTech products are made from recycled or sustainable materials, appealing to builders and clients who prioritize environmentally friendly construction.

Reynoldsburg Patio And Hardscape Builder

Archadeck is renowned for bringing artistry and function to your new patio or hardscape. Any beautiful patio or hardscape begins with planning for the facets that will bring your outdoor space to life. These include paver or hardscape selections and planning on which furnishings you want to add to get the maximum outdoor living enjoyment.

When we meet with our clients during the planning stages of their new patio or outdoor room, we always inquire as to what type and size of furnishings they have in mind for their space. In some cases the furnishings have already been purchased specifically for the space. Furniture size and shape is a key factor in planning the size and shape of your patio.

Reynoldsburg Homeowners Are Cordially Invited To A Special Treat

If you’ve been contemplating a renovation of your outdoor living spaces – whatever they may be – or if you’re interested in reinventing how you use you great outdoors, call us.

Our expert team will meet with you to explore how Archadeck can transform your leisure life for the better, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Call us at 740-265-3905 to schedule a convenient time to meet.

We also encourage you to click this link right here to connect with us to start the process. It’s that easy.

The Archadeck of Columbus Team.

Attention To Detail At Every Step of The Process

All Archadeck projects start with a phone call so we can learn more about your outdoor living project and to schedule our initial, in-person design consultation. Once you do get started with us, you will be protected by two separate guarantees, constituting the most expansive customer protection plan in the industry. Local oversight also assures your property and privacy are respected. We attend to every detail from securing any needed building permits, to the final cleanup, and we work very hard to be as unobtrusive as possible during the entire construction phase.

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