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The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space Marriage – A Deck And Patio Combination

You may not realize now that you’re just starting to think about adding a new deck to the rear of your home – or replacing the one that you’ve had for years, but think ahead.

deck and patio combination

A deck alone is just part of an outdoor living plan. To further increase usable leisure and outdoor living enjoyment possibilities, it is extremely wise to add a patio adjacent to the deck.

Together Is Better, For The Ultimate In Outdoor Living Leisure And Enjoyment

A deck and patio combination will easily prove to be one of the most intelligent and valuable home improvements you can make to your home.

deck and patio combo space

The benefits of having a deck and patio combination are numerous, for example:

1. As you step out of the rear of your home onto your new deck, you will discover open air square footage that will allow you to add more functional and usable space for your daily living.

2. Adding a patio, below or adjacent to your deck, creates a second outdoor room giving you the option to designate functional areas as you would inside your home – think how your living room is to your dining room is to your kitchen.

paver patio and low maintenance deck

3. A great way to live in a deck and patio combination outdoor living space is to use the deck as a gathering place when guests first arrive at your home. Stepping out into the fresh air is a great way to “Welcome” your guests as you serve that refreshing beverage to start the day or evening.

4. On that deck, an outdoor dining table and chairs adjacent to an outdoor kitchen makes summer dinner parties literally a breeze.

5. By having your contractor use low maintenance decking materials like TimberTech or AZEK synthetic products, you will never have to be concerned about spills spoiling your fun. After your guests depart, a simple spray of your garden hose will return the deck to its original luster.


6. Low maintenance living continues with a hardscape patio as the outdoor living space companion to your deck. Like the deck, upkeep is minimal, as the solid hard surface of pavers and stone are truly resistant to any spill or mishap that may occur.

7. As your deck becomes the primary guests welcome and greeting space segueing to drinks, dinner preparation, and alfresco dining, the after party can easily transition onto your patio for individual conversations, dancing, and enjoying the glow and aroma of firewood crackling in your patio firepit or fireplace.

patio and deck with fire-pit

8. Should you have an inground pool, adding a patio next to the pool is a convenient and smart way to allow your guests to exit the pool without having to worry about tracking residual lawn clippings and debris on their bare feet as they will promptly step onto the patio’s surefooted hard surface.

9. A deck and patio combination will become the new warm weather leisure and entertaining sanctuary of your home, to the point where you may only choose to use your indoor spaces for daily fundamentals like sleeping, bathing, and dressing. After that, the world is your oyster in your backyard retreat.

deck and patio

10. Remote working possibilities are endless in a deck and patio combination outdoor living plan. Imagine joining your team’s virtual meeting with sunshine and fresh air encompassing you while your digital participants are stuck inside their indoor offices. It’s a great way to break the ice and add a touch of levity to start the meeting.

Entertaining Enjoyment May Never See The Inside Of Your House Again

Focusing your home interior on the pragmatic needs of your family members allows you to step outside to take a “mini-vacation” from the complexities and stresses of daily living. Think of stepping out onto your combination deck and patio space as the pause that refreshes the spirit and the soul. It’s a great way to have your personal “time out” while having immediate access to your home interior when needed.

deck and patio space

The simple truth is the benefits of having a deck and patio combination will change your life for the better in ways that you may not yet have had the opportunity to even consider. But consider this.

During your complimentary deck and patio design consultation with the team at Archadeck of Columbus, we will help expand your mind to explore the many ways this new home improvement addition can be the start of your life anew – with a fresh and unencumbered perspective – with Mother Nature being the catalyst.

For perspectives on how Archadeck excels in every possible way, we suggest you hear it straight from our clients with these unsolicited testimonials.

So let’s get started with this exciting opportunity. Click here to connect with us and we will schedule your complimentary design consultation.

The Archadeck of Columbus team.

The Archadeck of Columbus team.