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Frequently asked questions

Learn About Our Custom Design and Installation Process

When you’re considering installing a deck, porch, pergola, or virtually any outdoor structure, you most likely have a lot of questions. After all, this is your home and you want to make sure you’re protecting your big investment. It’s important that you do all your research before moving ahead with your project.

Archadeck Outdoor Living is here to ease any worries you may have. We first and foremost respect your home and property and want to make sure you are fully satisfied with our services. That’s why we offer complimentary design consultations and back our work with warranties and guarantees. Additionally, we included some of the most common questions our prospective customers have, along with our answers. Check them out, and if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of products do you build?

We design and build custom decks, porches, screened porches, sunrooms, gazebos, pergolas, pool and spa decks, and other outdoor structures.

How many designs do I have to choose from?

Our work is customized to your exact needs, so your design options are virtually endless. If all that design freedom overwhelms you, you can choose from our Lifestyle Classic deck designs that can be easily modified to fit your space.

Do you sell your designs or plans so I can build it myself?

No, all of our work is custom designed, so we don’t sell our plans.

What kinds of wood do you use?

We build with all types of wood and are experienced with treated wood, cedar, redwood, tropical hardwoods, and low-maintenance composites and synthetics. You have a full range of materials to choose from.

Do you have a written contract that I will sign?

Yes. We supply you with a detailed contract to protect you from any misunderstandings.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We offer two separate warranties to assure your satisfaction:

  • Our own warranty provides you with protection against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months; defects in structural fitness for 60 months; and passes through all manufacturer warranties (the most frequent being the lifetime warranty provided by treated wood manufacturers).
  • A third-party guarantee backs our warranty. This guarantee is made by The National Guarantee Corporation and assures your work is completed as specified and provides 2 year warranty coverage.

When are your busiest times of the year?

We are typically busiest during the spring into early summer (March – July), and again in September. We build year-round however.

Do you have an office in my area?

Hopefully, we do. You can click on the Locations page to search by zip code.

Can I get an exact price before I decide to hire Archadeck?

Definitely. First a representative will meet with you for an initial consultation, where we’ll discuss your needs, personal preferences, and budget. After that complimentary meeting, we can decide if it makes sense to proceed to the next step.

What do you charge per square foot?

Since our projects are custom designed and built, square footage pricing is meaningless. There are so many variables that affect the final price (height off the ground, site conditions, material choices, local code requirements, the complexity of the design, etc.) that a simple square footage price would be misleading. However, if we have an office in your area, they will be happy to provide you with a complimentary design consultation and an exact price.

Are you insured?

Yes, our locations carry at least one million dollars of general liability insurance, and their carpentry crews are covered by worker’s compensation insurance.

Is it necessary to get a building permit?

Where a building permit is required by local code, Archadeck will secure that permit for you. You need this permit for three very important reasons:

  1. It’s the law.
  2. It’s one of the ways we protect you.
  3. Some homeowner’s insurance policies will not protect you if an injury occurs on a structure that does not have a permit.

I’ve just signed a contract with Archadeck. How long will it take to build my project?

It depends on the size and complexity of your project, the weather, and the workload of your local office. Normally, projects can be turned around faster in the fall and winter (as opposed to the spring, which is our busiest season). Your local office should be able to give you an approximate start and finish date, subject to weather conditions and materials availability.

Do you build with pressure-treated materials and are there any dangers with them?

As of January 1, 2004, wood treated with CCA (chromated copper arsenate), has been phased out for consumer use. ACQ (alkaline copper quat) and CA (copper azole) are the new formulations used for treating wood against termite damage and rot. The EPA has approved all treatment methods for safe usage in residential applications. In addition, wood alternatives and composite decking materials have become consumer favorites. Other popular pressure-treated wood alternatives include cedar and tropical hardwoods.

What type of screen do you use in your screened porches?

Screening materials are typically fiberglass or aluminum, in either silver or charcoal colors. We offer classic hand-stretched, screen panel inserts with aluminum or cedar frames, or a vinyl trim system (known as Screen Tight). There are other options for screening, including a UV option, heavy-duty pet screen, or very fine weave “no-see-um” screening to keep out the tiniest of bugs.

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