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Pergola Design and installation

Pergola Installers Near You

If a new deck or patio is something you have in the works or are thinking about for the future, a pergola is the perfect stylish addition that will add character and functional uniqueness to your space. At Archadeck Outdoor Living, we offer pergola design and installation along with our deck and patio construction. Our design team can bring to life what you have in mind.

Our pergolas are custom designed for each outdoor living space. Not only do they add a captivating design element, but they can also be strategically designed to offer some shade on your deck or patio. Not all are designed for that purpose, so our designers will discuss whether or not this is important to you. Though they have been around for some time now, pergolas have recently become popular again, as they provide a special element to your outdoor space.

Benefits of Pergolas

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to pergola construction. We can construct them with wood, PVC, vinyl, composite decking, and aluminum, depending on what you have in mind. Ask your local Archadeck location what building materials are available in your area, and for additional details about the outdoor structures offered near you.

There are quite a few benefits to including a pergola in the design of your deck:

  • They add an interesting, unique style flair
  • The vertical lines give your deck some height and dimension
  • When designed in a certain way, they offer shade protection
  • They add privacy to your space
  • They can be decorated with lights, adding yet another attractive element to your outdoor area
  • They can hold an outdoor swing

Design & Pergola Installation from One Team

One of the best reasons to rely on the Archadeck team of pergola builders for your project – aside from our 40+ years of experience – is our ability to both design and construct your structure. We work closely with you to fully understand what you’re looking for. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to articulate an idea. With our extensive experience, we can help you realize the concept you have percolating in your mind. Once the perfect design is complete, you can count on our team to expertly construct it as well.


How Long Does It Take to Install a Pergola?

Compared with the weeks it takes to build a porch, a pergola can be finished in a matter of days. Most smaller pergolas can be built in 1-2 days. A larger or more complex pergola design could take 2-3 days to construct.

View Pergola Designs for Inspiration

Gazebo Designs Are Available

If you are interested in building a gazebo or pavilion, we can also custom build roofed outdoor structures. These can be connected to your deck or standalone structures.

Request a Complimentary Consultation

The best way to learn more about our pergola design and construction services is to request a complimentary design consultation. There is no obligation to purchase any of our services, we simply want to discuss what you have in mind and explain what we can do for you.

We also offer deck, patio, and porch design and construction and can combine multiple projects in one. The possibilities for your outdoor space are endless. We can’t wait to show you why.

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