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Bringing Old Decks Back to Life

If your home’s deck is showing signs of age, Archadeck Outdoor Living has you covered. We are a deck builder company that also offers redecking services that will revive the look of your current structure. Before you decide to tear down your current deck, consult with us about an outdoor deck renovation first. Our team can save you a whole lot of time, money, and hassle.

To learn more about our redecking and deck renovation services near you, Find A Location today!

To learn more about our redecking and deck renovation services in call (888) 687-3325 or contact us today!

The first thing you need to do to determine if your structure is right for redecking is to have your deck evaluated by a reputable deck builder. It just so happens that the deck building team at Archadeck is more than prepared to handle this task. We’ll be able to fully assess your structure to help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on building a new deck. If your base, or substructure, is in good shape, your deck will most likely be a good candidate.

Some elements we look for include:

  • Quality of the original substructure
  • How the structure has degraded or weathered over time
  • If your deck is adhering to any new building codes
  • Are the footings sagging or showing signs of wear?
  • Is the structure properly attached to the home and in good condition

To find out if your structure is a good candidate for redecking, Find A Location and reach out to us today to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

To find out if your structure is a good candidate for redecking, reach out to us today at (888) 687-3325 to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

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Take It to the Next Level

Not only can we restore your deck to its previous state, but we can also enhance and expand on what you previously had. If you’d like to extend the deck or add new features, we’ll be able to do that as well. We can also accommodate a change in colors or materials. Simply want something similar to what you already had? We can do that, too.

Some common redecking enhancements include:

  • Adding bench seating
  • Upgrading railings
  • Installing a pergola or covered area
  • Change the direction or flow of the stairs

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Just using a different material can give your outdoor space an entirely new look. We can redeck using wood or composite materials.

Deck Renovation for Old, Deteriorating, or Rotting Wood

After the 15 year mark, many homeowners begin to see signs of aging showing up on their wood deck. Sometimes, it can be serious like wood rot or insect damage. Other times, it's just the work of sunlight, water, and the changing seasons that causes cracks, frailty, or issues with structural integrity. If you need someone to come inspect your deck, don't hesitate to bring in one of our team members.

Endless Possibilities with Deck Remodeling

The benefit of working with the team from Archadeck is that we offer both design and redecking services. That allows us to help you fully realize the idea you have in mind. It’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what you want. Since you already have an old deck in place, if we determine that we can redeck your current structure, we can help you decide how to enhance it.

Here are some deck ideas for inspiration

The deck ideas available to you are nearly endless. Our team will draw up a design that you are fully happy with before we get to work.

Find a Deck Remodeling Team Near Me

If you’re ready for your old deck to see new life, reach out to our deck installation team today at (888) 687-3325 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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