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Columbus Softscaping; the Perfect Accent to Complete Your New Outdoor Living Space


What is a backyard without trees, shrubs and flowers?

These landscape elements are known as softscapes. Softscapes not only add another dimension of beauty to an outdoor living area, they also provide practical benefits like adding shade in the summer and helping to muffle noise from traffic.

walkway with plants

If you are considering a new Columbus deck, porch, patio or another outdoor living structure, keep in mind that your project is not complete without giving some thought for the “softscape” or landscaping around it.

Softscapes consist of any living element that is part of your outdoor design scheme, including trees, shrubs, blooming flowers and plants, (annuals and perennials), grasses and ground covers. Softscapes can add a panorama of color, texture and depth and help soften any hardscape elements like walkways, retaining walls, patios and driveways.

deck with railings and plants

You may not always think of Archadeck of Columbus as a landscape design company, but when it’s part of an outdoor living space design, we are more than happy — and able —to provide this service.Our softscape services provides a professional assessment of what kinds of plants will do well in the different areas of your yard. We’ll consider how the plants will grow and complement one another over time so that you don’t have a festival of color in June, but nothing left in August. We’ll also design for the long haul; we want your yard to look even better 5 years from now.

We can’t wait to show you what we can do. Give us a call today at (740) 265-3905 to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

softscape with trees and flowers

Archadeck of Columbus takes your site conditions, budget and individual plant characteristics into consideration before designing your softscape. We are able to address all of the questions crucial to the success of your softscape area, which include:


How much space will each plant need to properly grow?

backyard patio

Blooming Period

Which plants bloom during what intervals? Early spring, summer, or fall? What is the best approach to layering these plants in order to achieve year-round color?

walkway with flowers

Width and Height Specifications

How tall will this bush get? How wide will this flower get? This is very important!

Deciduous or Evergreen?

Do you want shrubs that stay green and retain their foliage all year? Will a plant that loses it’s leaves during the winter bother you?


deck with railings and plants on the side

Site Conditions

Certain plants will perform differently in each of these conditions. We can assist you in determining which plant materials are best for your individual location.

stone patio with flowers and plants


Does your soil drain well, or does it retain moisture? This is important when choosing planting material.

stone patio with flowers and plants

Sun/Shade Orientation

How much morning sun vs. afternoon sun, if any, does your site location receive?

water sprinkler

Maintenance Requirements

Just like outdoor structures, there are high-maintenance and low-maintenance plants. How much time are you willing to spend maintaining and caring for your new plants?

Do Animals or Wildlife Frequent Your Site?

Is your site in close proximity to an area that deer frequent? Or close to the spot where the family dog likes to “visit” each day?

deers in the backyard

Archadeck of Columbus realizes that knowledgeable and thoughtful plant selection and soil criteria are key factors to creating a functional and attractive softscape. We can help you plan and design the outdoor oasis you have always imagined, including the lush landscape that comes along with it! Call or email us today at (740) 265-3905 or

Archadeck of Columbus teamwork team

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