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The Importance of Using a Professional Deck Design and Build Company

Let’s face it, there are some moments in life when only the best will do. When it comes to critical decisions like healthcare and financial advice, you have too much to lose by getting counsel from anyone other than a true, acclaimed certified professional.

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So when it comes time to research how to get a custom deck, you only need to look at the premier Columbus deck builder – Archadeck of Columbus.

We know how time consuming and confusing it can be when you keep on asking the Internet and neighbors the same questions over and over again – “Who are the best custom deck builders near me,” and “Who is the best source for custom deck design near me?”

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The simple truth is that the proven, trusted deck builder and design experts on our team are the very finest. Since 1980, Archadeck has been leading the way in outdoor deck building and design.

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In fact, we’ll let you in on a little secret. More than 40 years ago the building of new homes was at a fever pitch. Home builders and contractors were so busy with new housing demand that they had no time or interest in providing decks and other outdoor living spaces for their client families.

Seeing the incredible opportunity that awaited the right proactive, forward-thinking leader, the founder of Archadeck stepped up and met the challenge, building the most exquisite decks you could possibly imagine.

The credo was to design and build custom and highly functional decks adding outdoor living accents like wrap-around bench seating and drink rails to heighten and add comfort and convenience to outdoor living lovers.

Over the years, here in Columbus we have joined that spirit of commitment and excellence as is evident in our being known as the professional Columbus TimberTech deck builder – a title which we are very proud of.


Archadeck advises homeowners to be cautious when it’s time to select a company to design and build your new deck.

Not everyone who can nail two boards together will qualify as a legitimate deck builder.

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And not everyone who can build a deck has the high standards, professional business practices, and quality workmanship you get with Archadeck as your deck builder and design company.

Our methodical process is just the beginning of what sets us apart from others.

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There is a difference between Archadeck of Columbus and other local deck builders, and we call it “the Archadeck difference.”

Archadeck of Columbus is a professional deck design and build company. To us, the process of designing a high-quality deck is as important as building it.

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Designing an outdoor living structure requires knowledge of building materials, an understanding of spatial requirements, and familiarity with local building codes.

We focus attention on the design to make sure that when we reach the building phase, we have everything we need, including the building permits.

Careful, thoughtful and well-planned design and planning reduces the likelihood that we’ll encounter unnecessary delays during the building phase.

If you use a contractor who knows how to build, but doesn’t understand the importance of design, your deck will probably not be as sturdy or as functional as if Archadeck had designed and built it.

How do we know this?

The answer is simple and clear. We are often called in to rebuild or replace decks that were designed poorly. A poorly designed deck is not going to last as long as a well-designed deck. Flaws in the design can lead to structural deficiencies.


Now is a great time to start your new deck design and building process as the end of the year is usually a slower time, meaning that deck building materials are more plentiful than during the prime time of spring and summer.

Contact us now so we can discuss how we can guide you through your deck design process and get your family enjoying outdoor living like never before.

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The Archadeck of Columbus team.