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Trust Your New Composite Deck to Archadeck of Columbus

Welcome to today’s high-tech world of composite and synthetic decking. We know more about these materials so we can better serve you, our clients. When we build your Columbus OH composite deck, we will explain what you can expect from your new deck. Then, we’re available for questions when you need us.

Custom deck with dining area and outdoor fireplace

As highly-experienced composite deck builders, Archadeck of Columbus gets questions from clients about the expansion and contraction of low-maintenance composite/synthetic decking due to temperature. From one season to another, as temperatures climb or fall, you may notice slight gaps widen or close up in your decking. That’s to be expected, so you shouldn’t be alarmed.

Be Prepared: Info from Your Composite Deck Builder

Archadeck of Columbus, your composite and wood deck builder, believes in educating our clients. We work with an array of homeowners from those who’ve researched every angle of synthetic decking to those who have not. Wood-alternative decking materials are popular because they promise homeowners a low-maintenance lifestyle. You don’t need technical knowledge about these products to know whether you want a low-maintenance deck.

What do you need to know about your new composite/synthetic deck?

The expansion and contraction of these “new” decking materials is a known occurrence. Nevertheless, many homeowners are surprised when they observe these effects on their own deck for the first time. Even if you’re told you can expect this to occur, the information may not mean much to you until you see it for yourself, at your home.

Deck flooring and custom railing

At the very least, in cooler temperatures, a new composite deck will likely contract anywhere from a 16th of an inch to an 8th of an inch. We have even seen decking contract a quarter of an inch in rare cases. Archadeck of Columbus does everything within our power to ensure minimal expansion and contraction by building your deck as tight as is possible. We follow the manufacturer’s directions precisely.

Custom deck stairs and railing

Whether you have chosen TimberTech, AZEK, or another wood alternative, we know how these materials will behave. We know how to minimize your deck’s expansion and contraction. Let us reassure you, if you see this occur on your deck, it is not cause for alarm.

Frightening Scenario: The DIY Composite Deck Builder

Consumers who try to install their own composite decking will encounter warnings and messages of caution – if they’re paying attention. If you don’t know how to install these materials correctly, you will have problems. Manufacturers include these warnings with their products so they won’t be held responsible if you don’t install your decking according to their instructions.

Cozy seating area on custom backyard deck

If you’re DIY’ing a composite deck, and you don’t do it correctly, you will not be the first or the last to be disappointed with your results. What’s worse, if you don’t install the decking product as instructed, you will void your materials’ warranty! That’s why you’re better off working with a highly-experienced, professional composite deck contractor like Archadeck of Columbus.

Why You Need Archadeck of Columbus as Your Synthetic Deck Builder

When you hire Archadeck of Columbus to design and build your composite/synthetic deck, you don’t have to worry about making sure it’s done right. We know how to work with these materials. Here’s why you can count on us to build your new deck correctly:

  • First, as an Archadeck design and build firm, we have the training necessary to do this job right. We’re not learning on the job, and we’re especially not learning on your job.
  • Second, we are long-time Columbus OH composite deck builders, so we have more hands-on experience than many builders. The longer anyone works with these newer materials, the better feel they get for how to work with them for the best results.
  • Finally, we only select brands of composite decking that we know to be reliable. We exchange information with other Archadeck business owners across the country, so we’re all sharing experiences and best practices with each other. Between our own experience and that of our professional network, you won’t find anyone more knowledgeable to build your composite/synthetic deck.

Are you ready to replace an aging wood deck with a beautiful, new, low-maintenance composite or synthetic deck? Call Archadeck of Columbus today at (740) 265-3905.

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