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Sports or no sports, you're either ready for fall or you're not!


Have you felt a touch of fall in the air here in the Columbus, OH, area? If not yet, then … soon! We’ve seen some NFL exhibition games already, so autumn cannot be far away. That statement usually brings one of these two likely reactions — either YAY! Fall can’t get here soon enough! or No, no, don’t take my summer away! Which reaction did you have?

Some of us LIVE for fall. In addition to a change in the air, we are thrilled by the chatter leading up to the start of college football season, the NFL season, MLB playoffs, the World Series and more. Fantasy football, anyone? While there are an infinite number of websites we can use to follow our teams and favorite players, the real fun comes on game day when we can cheer and yell at the games on TV.

Cozy custom covered porch

Have you moved the cheering and yelling outdoors yet? You can create a whole new dimension of fun when you set up an outdoor room with a TV, your favorite refreshments and a handful of your closest sports buddies.

An outdoor room? YES! Touchdown! It could be a covered patio, covered porch or even a screened porch — as simple or elaborate as you want to make it. You can even go the whole nine yards by adding an outdoor kitchen featuring a grill, smoker, full bar and refrigerator. No limits!

This is where Archadeck of Columbus comes in. We are experts at designing and building the best outdoor rooms for sports fans, any time of year. We have seen this trend growing bigger every year. What used to be called a “man cave” — because sports TV was once relegated to the basement! — is now an all-inclusive family affair as big as the outdoors. Once you get the outdoor room ready, all you have to add are family, friends, food and drink when game day arrives.

Custom deck with outdoor fireplace

We can start from scratch and create the perfect outdoor living space for your game day gatherings, or we can work with whatever outdoor living environment you already have. For example, Archadeck of Columbus can add a covered pergola or a full-on roof to your patio, making it a covered patio with protection for your flat-screen TV and furniture.

If you already have a covered patio, we can add a full outdoor kitchen — or a scaled-down version of that kitchen if you want to keep it simple. We’ll handle everything from new flooring to roof pitch, even plumbing for the outdoor kitchen and electrical for the TV, ceiling fans and lighting.

What else do you need? Maybe you already have a covered porch but find the insects are pesky out there. Screens are the answer, then; we can turn your Columbus-area covered porch into a screened porch or 3- or 4-season room.

Custom patio with fire pit

Do you have a fire pit or fireplace? Either of these will create ambiance you can’t get any other way. A fire feature draws everyone together hypnotically when the big game is over, no matter whether you’re celebrating or commiserating. It also offers a gathering place during the game for “football widows” or other members of your party who aren’t that into sports.

Forget sports, maybe you just love summer so much you don’t want it to end. Impromptu weekend parties on the patio are great until it gets too chilly out there. Some families make a summer ritual of sitting outdoors after dinner, and the enjoyment doesn’t have to end when the calendar pages turn and the air becomes crisp.

Custom backyard deck and patio with fire pit

All you need is an outdoor living space where you can keep your family and guests warm as the darkness falls earlier each evening. We have a couple of ideas for you.

First, Archadeck of Columbus recommends EXTENDING the outdoor living season at your home by adding a fire feature such as a fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor space. Everybody loves a warm and cozy fire they can gather around. You can enjoy it all year long, of course, but as autumn progresses you’ll find you want to pull your chair a little closer to the fire.

Backyard patio with fire pit

We can add a fire pit or fireplace to your existing patio, or we can extend a patio to make room for the new addition and perhaps add a seating wall. If you have a deck but no patio, we can design and build a hardscape area for you with steps leading down from your deck to the fire feature. A deck and patio combination outdoor living structure is twice as nice all year round, but don’t be surprised if the fire pit or fireplace becomes everyone’s favorite spot!

Another option we can look at is turning your covered porch or screened porch into a 3- or 4-season room. That way you can let the breeze in or keep the cold air out as you like — and enjoy the outdoors no matter the season.

Company team

So whether you’re ready to jump into fall or you’re clinging to summer, call Archadeck of Columbus as soon as you can to talk about beefing up your outdoor living space and extending the outdoor living season. Contact us today at (740) 265-3905 or email us at