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How A New Multi-Functional And Spacious Hardscape Paver Patio Transforms Outdoor Living Options For This Westerville, Ohio, Home

When you think of it, this was a backyard outdoor living space transformation solution that was the perfect final touch for extended usability and functionality for this Westerville, Ohio, family.

Our outdoor living space design consultant first arrived at the scene to discover a family wanting more – much more. They had an expansive outdoor deck on the second level of their home in gray with vertical balusters leading from the rear lawn up a flight of stairs to access the main deck area.


The structure was well supported by 5 columns and had two concrete slabs to provide access. The first was a small area wide enough to accommodate exit and entry to the backyard via double sliding doors on the bottom level of the home.



The second was a generous slab at the base of the deck stairway that was just crying for company. Similar to The Little Engine That Could, the family knew that with the right guidance, attention and design excellence, it could become something more spacious and in a word – wonderful.


Outdoor Living Luxury Supported By A Stunningly Expansive Patio Foundation Using Unilock Hardscape Materials


Once the design plan was approved, we started to think about what materials would be used to execute this backyard transformation. It didn’t take long to figure out that Unilock pavers and hardscape materials would provide the perfect solution.



Superior technology, unparalleled support and a virtually endless selection of design possibilities are some of the reasons Unilock is the choice for many of our Westerville, OH, patio and hardscape projects. Peruse our extensive patio and hardscapes image gallery for more examples of our designs featuring Unilock pavers.


Acclaimed for their strength, durability and beauty, Unilock Select pavers lead the industry with proprietary technologies, ensuring that your paver and wall projects will provide many years of enjoyment

With a variety of textures, Unilock delivers pavers ranging from 2 to as much as 4 times the strength of concrete. This means you can mix and match products to create your own design while having the peace of mind that Unilock Select pavers will last a lifetime.


From The Ground Up, Functionality, Beauty And Resilience In Equal Measure


The platform for this expanded and enhanced outdoor living area is a generous sized patio that follows the home’s rear footprint, ensuring virtually unlimited usability, from any perspective.


The patio material choice is Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone in the color Granite Fusion. The artistic striations of various tones of deep gray, off-white, and hints of black provide an exquisite aesthetic balance to the centerpiece deck above it all.

Inspired by natural cut flagstone, the blended colors and distinctive texture of Beacon Hill Flagstone has a relaxed look and feel, with all the benefits of Enduracolor™ technology.


The refined surface of Unilock EnduraColor products is achieved with a two-step manufacturing process that combines a base of coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. This process protects the surface from the appearance of fading over time because the top layer prevents large, lighter color aggregates from ever showing through.

The fluid, subtle surface texture is comfortable to walk on in bare feet, but appears more dramatic in the light of sunrise and sunset. Together, these characteristics have made Beacon Hill Flagstone one of our most popular pavers for patios, pool surrounds and walkways.


Finishing Touches That Complete A Much Desired Backyard Revitalization And Transformation


We also added a border from Unilock in Charcoal Holland Stone using a soldier course style design pattern.


The term "soldier course" involves laying the pavers in a straight, vertical formation, similar to soldiers standing in a row. The pavers are placed side by side, with their long sides parallel to each other and perpendicular to the edge of the patio or pathway.


The soldier course design pattern is often used as an edging or border for a patio or pathway, creating a neat and uniform look. It provides a visually appealing contrast to the main field of pavers, which are typically laid in a different pattern, such as a running bond or herringbone.


As for the seating walls and pillars, we selected Brussells Dimensional Limestone. Its antiqued appearance is perfect for applications such as this especially for seating walls. Its weathered, antiqued and tumbled finish adds a level of refined taste and aesthetic excellence. For accent continuity, the seating wall is capped in double Brussells bullnose.

As for the caps on the pillars and the cap on the fire pit, we chose Rock Face Limestone, a natural stone modified by rockfacing – a hand-crafted process achieved by a skilled craftsman who chisels the top and bottom of a stone face or edge with the intention of creating a textured, 3D look. The end result enhances the natural beauty of the stone by highlighting its intricacies and giving it a rough appearance.


To provide more accessible and functional room for grilling, we built out the grill area using Unilock Brussells Dimensions Limestone Block and the countertop for the grill area is Brussells Double Fullnose

Brussels Dimensional Stone has the same antiqued patina as the classic Brussels Block paver. Reflecting the cues of quarried stone, it brings similar timeless warmth and relaxed appearance to any project. Its simple design makes it a popular choice for constructing garden walls, steps, pillars, outdoor kitchens and other landscape features. Interestingly enough, it is also perfect to build square firepits, as seen in this installation.


To enhance usability and increase functional use after sunset, we also added extensive lighting to this project – including ledge lights and cap lighting.


Don’t Settle For Less Than What You Really Want – Trust Archadeck To Make It Happen


This is your wakeup call to improve your life with the outdoor living space and combination project you’ve been dreaming of.


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The Archadeck of Columbus Team.