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Presto Chango – A Simple Stoop Becomes A Spacious Deck With Archadeck Of Columbus

It comes as a surprise to many of our Columbus homeowner clients that many builders today do not include any access to backyards except for an exit door with a simple stoop.

Timbertech deck

And unless your kids plan on staging a reenactment of Romeo and Juliet, it really isn’t worth much at all.

Yellow house with tiny stair porch


So not being promoters of small thespian productions, this family decided to broaden their stage with this generously sized deck.

brown timbertech deck


At “stage left,” you will notice a handsome ascent to this Earth-friendly, composite deck featuring TimberTech deck flooring in Terrain Brown Oak, which is a beautiful compliment to the soft pastel exterior siding color of the home.

To surround and protect the maintenance-free quality deck platform, companion vertical board skirting is also TimberTech in the same color way.

The stairs at left are graced with one of our perennial favorites, the Preferred aluminum rail in black.

So as to not clutter the adjacent landscape of the new deck, Archadeck also included ample storage space under the new structure for seasonal storage. Outdoor living chairs and chaise lounges, flower pots, gardening tools – virtually everything under the sun that would eventually be used on this new outdoor living space and in their yard can be stored there.

The Importance Of Using A Professional Deck Design And Build Company

If the truth be told, there are those moments in life when only the best will do.

Custom deck with space and door underneath

When it comes to critical decisions like healthcare and financial advice, you have too much to lose by getting counsel from anyone other than a true, acclaimed certified professional.

So when it comes time to get serious about thinking of necessary home improvement and you start to research how to get a custom deck, you only need to look at the premier Columbus deck builder – Archadeck of Columbus.

We know how time consuming and confusing it can be when you keep on asking the Internet and neighbors the same questions over and over again – “Who are the best custom deck builders near me,” and “Who is the best source for custom deck design near me?”

The fact of the matter is that the proven, trusted deck builder and design experts on our team are the very finest. Since 1980, Archadeck has been leading the way in outdoor deck building and design.

In fact, we’ll let you in on a little secret. More than 40 years ago, the building of new homes was at a fever pitch. Home builders and contractors were so busy with new housing demand that they had no time or interest in providing decks and other outdoor living spaces for their client families.

custom brown deck with snow on the ground

Seeing the incredible opportunity that awaited the right proactive, forward-thinking leader, the founder of Archadeck stepped up and met the challenge, building the most exquisite decks you could possibly imagine. It was high time to retire those backyard stoops – permanently.

Our credo, then and today, is to design and build custom and highly functional decks adding outdoor living accents like wrap-around bench seating and drink rails to heighten and add comfort and convenience to outdoor living lovers.

Over the years, here in Columbus we have continued that spirit of commitment and excellence as is evident in our being known as the professional Columbus TimberTech deck builder – a title which we are very proud of.

Get Summer Off To A Wonderful Start By Getting Started This Spring

Imagine enjoying those soft breezes as you lounge in your previously baren yard, now transformed into an oasis of leisure.

And speaking of leisure, should you need a little help to achieve the outdoor living spaces of your dreams, we can help there, too, with reasonable financing. Just ask us during your free design consultation. To schedule it now, just click right here.

archadeck of columbus team

The Archadeck of Columbus team.