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Scout the Hottest Patio Trends With Archadeck of Columbus

Custom backyard patio with fire pit

If you have been thinking about adding a patio to your home’s outdoor living space, are you reading blogs, looking at magazines, patio and hardscape photos and following national patio trends on design shows? Once you start looking at the many options for patio designs, it can get overwhelming. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a company that can design and build your new patio for you. Archadeck of Columbus can walk you through all of the design decisions based on our experience with materials and our knowledge of design trends.

When you follow national media, you get a flavor for patio design trends across the country but not necessarily here in your own back yard. We can give you a sense of Columbus patio ideas based on what we’re seeing as we work with clients here in the Columbus area. For example, in certain parts of Texas, natural stone is mined locally so it’s more affordable than paver patios. Here in Columbus, pavers that mimic natural stone are more affordable because the demand for natural stone has driven stone prices up.

Patio floor detail

Columbus Patio Ideas: Trending Colors in Pavers

We are seeing that pavers in the gray range are really hot now, especially those with black accents. You could even say that “gray is the new neutral.” We’re seeing different shades of gray are popular from light gray to silver to charcoal. Clients are choosing lots of black borders and black grout.

Columbus Patio Designs: Trending Paver Styles

The paver that is most popular with our Columbus-area clients is Unilock’s Beacon Hill Flagstone—and has been for the past five years. Why? Because it is affordable and comes in three large pieces: large rectangle, square and small rectangle. The three sizes help add a random appearance to your custom hardscape project.

Custom patio with fire pit

Smaller pavers are not as popular for use in the patio field, which is the main design area of a patio not including the borders or edges. Homeowners are choosing the smaller pavers mainly for patio borders. Budget is usually a factor in the clients’ choice of pavers. Cost-wise, there are three tiers of pavers:

  • Lower-budget pavers are usually the 4×8″ pavers.
  • In the mid-grade range you see bigger pavers with a natural stone texture.
  • The high end is usually a combination of various sizes, for example, clay look pavers such as Unilock’s Copthorne or Town Hall, which are popular for border accents. These range from 4×8″ all the way to 24×24″. Homeowners do still like that vintage look in borders or paver rugs.

Custom patio with fire pit and seats

When you’re looking for patio ideas, you should consider the paver rug. In a paver rug design, we interrupt the design of a patio’s field to create an inset design with complementary or contrasting pavers. The possibilities are endless, and this is where you can personalize a patio to be uniquely yours. In the same way that a rug changes the design and texture of an area of a room’s floor/surface, so does a paver rug within a patio. Laying the paver rug in a different pattern defines the “rug” area and adds visual interest. A specific example of a paver rug would be an inset design of stain-resistant pavers in an outdoor kitchen, grilling or dining area—chosen for easy cleaning.

Hardscape Designs: Amenities Make it Uniquely Yours

What else are we seeing in Columbus hardscape designs? Fire pits are huge these days integrated into a patio design. Seating walls are popular, especially around fire pits or simply defining the patio’s edge.
Homeowners are requesting that elements of interior design be incorporated into their patio designs, such as using pavers to define specific areas for different “outdoor rooms” on a patio. It’s your patio! The possibilities for your patio are only limited by your imagination.

Seating area on patio

If you are ready to discover what an amazing custom patio design Archadeck of Columbus can craft for your outdoor living space, contact us today to learn more at (740) 265-3905.

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