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Outdoor living: If you like it, then you should definitely put a roof on it!

Ahhhh, the season for outdoor living is in full swing. As we breathe the collective sigh of warm weather relief, let’s begin to analyze our current outdoor living spaces – or perhaps the lacks thereof. What is one thing that can really turn an outdoor living space into a backyard sanctuary?

Custom deck and patio with fire pit

Archadeck of Columbus is here to tell you to RAISE THE ROOF! Roofs and shade structures are the most transformative elements in outdoor living. We all love our open-air decks and patios, but have you imagined how your backyard can become something more – so much more, under the protection of a shade structure?

A perfect pergola could elevate your outdoor living

Custom deck with pergola over dining area

Archadeck of Columbus is the area’s premier pergola builder. We offer pergola designs in natural wood and low-maintenance materials for every outdoor living style. These structures are self-supported, and can be easily adapted to your current patio design or new patio project! What do our pergolas have to offer? Well, a lot!

White pergola over dining area

If you are looking for partial shade in your backyard space, with an open-air feel, a pergola would be perfect for you. Pergolas lend themselves to suit any home style. Columns can be chosen to take on a statuesque Greek air, or a solid wood rustic aesthetic. Pergola roofs can be flat, arched, or even built into a gable design to mimic a porch roof. The interior of your pergola can accommodate electrical hook-ups for fans, lighting, and even surround sound. Whether you long to relax outdoors, or entertain guests, pergolas are beautiful and useful backyard accoutrements!

Take your shade a step further with a screened porch

If you are looking to throw some serious shade in your backyard space, a screened porch will provide! Our custom screened porches are veritable sanctuaries, completely enclosed to protect you from Mother Nature and all her animal and insect friends. Don’t worry though – you will still feel the breeze flowing through. As an experienced Columbus screen porch builder, we can tell you that these outdoor living spaces are some of the most stylish and flexible. As an extension of your indoor living space, paired with the surrounding flora and fauna, screened porches are the perfect mix of being inside and outside at the same time.

Seating area on screened porch with backyard view

Our custom screened porches are built to suit the style of your home, and your desired outdoor living style. We have built porches that are used for outdoor dining, playrooms, outdoor living rooms, TV lounges, and all those things combined. Screened porch customizations, such as finished ceilings and outdoor fireplaces make them even more usable – and for longer into the cool weather season. If you long for a space that is bug-free, protected from rain, and super stylish to boot, talk to Archadeck of Columbus about a new screened porch for your home!

Choose your level of protection with Eze-Breeze windows

Custom three season room

If you are looking for a protected outdoor living space, which offers you a choice of light or full breezes, then an Eze-Breeze porch is just the ticket! When you add Eze-Breeze windows to your screened porch, you have even greater protection from the elements. Whether you are trying to avoid extreme temperatures, pollen or insects, or a driving rain, these clear vinyl track-sliding windows will protect you. You can choose to open your Eze-Breeze windows to any level of protection, up to 75% open on your screened porch. An Eze-Breeze porch can be a screened porch or sunroom – it’s your choice!

Sunrooms, the ultimate outdoor living paradox

Interior of custom sunroom

Sunroom home additions are perfect for those, who long for sunlight, but want to also be ultimately protected from sunlight. Huh? A sunroom is inherently a space, which allows for sunlight to flow through the windows into the living space any time of year, but will also protect you from extreme temperatures and too much sunlight with a full roof and wall enclosures.

Interior of three season room

Sunrooms will allow you to get the perfect amount of sunlight any time of year. Our sunrooms often include HVAC and insulated walls for year-round usage, keeping you cool as a cucumber on hot, sunny days, and warm and cozy during a snowy winter’s day. Sunrooms are also fantastic vehicles for ultimate stylish customizations, often including furnishings that are made for indoor spaces. Add ceiling fans, lighting, a fireplace, fabulous flooring – any custom element you desire is perfect for a sunroom!

Porch ceiling detail with fan and lighting

Are you ready to show your love for your outdoor living space by putting a roof on it? Call Archadeck of Columbus today at (740) 265-3905.

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