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Delaware, OH, executive chef creates the outdoor space of his dreams

When it comes to designing the perfect combination outdoor living space, Archadeck of Columbus believes there’s a lot to be said for starting with a blank canvas. Not everyone has that luxury, but in this case we were brought in to design and build a combination deck/outdoor kitchen/patio/fire pit/pergola/seating wall for a brand-new house in Delaware, OH.

Custom deck and patio with outdoor kitchen

Making the job even more fun, we were designing and building this multi-functional outdoor space for an executive chef who enjoys cooking and entertaining at home. Hence the top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen complete with a place for his own pizza oven.

We’ll pretty much let the pictures tell the story of this project! Starting with the outdoor kitchen, the homeowner/chef will be able to cook absolutely anything out on the deck with a large grill, gas side burners and Big Green Egg. The kitchen area also includes a trash pull out and plenty of storage.

Custom outdoor kitchen

The Cultured Stone used for the outdoor kitchen and around the base of deck is the same stone the builder used on the front of the home.

For the deck, the homeowner selected TimberTech composite decking in the tigerwood shade. Tigerwood is one of the options in TimberTech’s Legacy Collection. We probably don’t need to tell you that a lot of customers are choosing low-maintenance composite decking these days!

Side view of deck and patio with outdoor kitchen

Enclosing the deck is a white vinyl railing with black aluminum pickets and a rail cap made from the same tigerwood decking material. Notice the little lights on the risers of the deck’s broad steps. These are TimberTech riser lights, great for safety after dark. We also installed lighting around the perimeter to provide ambiance in the evening as it shines up from the deck’s stone foundation.

Custom patio with fire pit

The patio design is striking, constructed with lots of attention to detail. The pavers covering the main field of the patio are Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone in the river blend colors. The light-colored stones forming the patio’s outer border are Unilock Brussels Block in the limestone color. The inner border features another Unilock stone in a dark shade called basalt, and the same dark stone circles the fire pit.

Custom deck and patio with fire pit

Ah, the fire pit. We built this fire pit using Unilock Brussels Dimensional Block w/ Bullnose Caps. It’s a gas fire pit that burns lava rock, always a crowd pleaser. And do you see the cover on top of the fire pit? We custom-made the cover using the tigerwood TimberTech decking material from the deck. Innovative and unique! The homeowner asked for a cover, and we were able to create an excellent one.

Along the edge of the patio, close to the house, we built a low retaining wall using the Brussels Block dimensional limestone with a single bullnose cap, also in limestone.

A crowning element of this combination outdoor living space is a majestic pergola at the far end of the patio, opposite the outdoor kitchen. We constructed the pergola from beautiful cedar, and you can see that it’s purely decorative as it doesn’t have the usual shade-providing slats across the top. It sets off the edge of the patio and elegantly frames a stone seating wall. Archadeck of Columbus custom-designed and built the pergola and the stone base for the posts. The special design at the end of each pergola beam is called an ogee.

Pergola on patio

Finally, to round it all off, we added a bit of softscaping with decorative grasses, foundation shrubs and a weeping cherry tree. While softscaping is not our primary focus, it is an additional service we provide when requested by a homeowner.

Custom backyard deck and patio with outdoor kitchen and fire pit

Our client, the chef, is very happy with project. It’s a combination outdoor living space in the broadest sense. While the dimensions are not huge, the space includes so many components — a deck, outdoor kitchen, patio, fire pit, pergola and seating wall, all custom-designed for this home.

Company team

Contact Archadeck of Columbus today to learn more about crafting your dream outdoor living space, whether or not you’re a chef! You can reach us at (740) 265-3905, or email us.