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Prepare to be Amazed with a Stylish New Deck and Pergola by Archadeck of Columbus!

You really do not know how much better a new deck is going to look until you see the finished project for yourself. Diagrams and 3-D renderings and artist sketches can approximate it, can give you an idea of what to expect, but none of that comes close enough. Until you see it in real time, in real life, prepare to be amazed.

Custom deck with white pergola

Take, for example, this Hilliard, OH, deck replacement and new pergola project. Deck designer and builder, Archadeck of Columbus is thrilled with the results, and the homeowners are thrilled, too. Yes, they are amazed.

What Did You Imagine Your New Deck Would Look Like?

As your Hilliard OH deck builder, we have a better idea of what your project is going to look like when it’s finished. It’s easier for us, because we do this work every day. We live with before-and-after images in our head 24/7/365.

Take a look at the before images:

Old backyard deck
Old backyard deck

The clients, however, do not carry the history of thousands of before-and-after images like we do. They saw the architectural drawings; they saw the new materials; they saw us remove their previous deck. Until they saw the completed project, however, all they could cling to was anticipation and whatever images their imagination could conjure. Whatever mental pictures they carried were probably amalgamations of every new deck and pergola they’ve viewed on Pinterest, on Houzz, and in magazines.

Being Present for The Big Reveal

We LOVE to be present when you first see your deck, porch, or patio project after it’s completed, but that’s not always possible. Like a home chef who rings the dinner bell, calling, “Come and get it!” after cooking for hours, we want to watch your face.

Custom deck with deck gate and white pergola

Timing is everything, and it’s likely we’ll finish your project in the middle of the day, tidy up, and drive off before you get home from work. Or suppose we finish in the evening and hope to be there when you get home, not knowing you went straight from work to your daughter’s softball game. We can’t stay at the job site waiting for you. We have to get home to our own families.

Occasionally, when we’ve been living right, we’ve managed to be present when clients pulled up and saw their new projects for the first time. By this we mean the completed projects, not works in progress. Seeing the sheer joy that spreads over a homeowner’s face is why we do this work. Sure, we make an honest living designing and building outdoor structures for Columbus-area homeowners. But the true reward is that look on your face when you are amazed it can actually look that good.

Updating the Style of Your Deck Makes All the Difference

Maybe you didn’t realize how badly you needed a new deck. In addition to costing you money, time, and energy in maintenance chores, that old wooden deck needed to be brought into the modern era. Your outdoor living space needed an update. Until you see the replacement – with no wear and tear, with shiny new railings – you won’t understand how badly you needed this. You just can’t.

Side view of custom deck

Like the auto industry rolls out new styles each year, so do the companies that make deck and patio materials. We’re not suggesting you get a new deck or patio each year. That’s not practical or realistic. But after 10-12 years, it’s time to replace a wooden deck with old, clunky railings.

Do it for the maintenance-free lifestyle (unless you especially love wood). Do it for the sleek and airy appearance your new railing system will sport. Do it for the uplifting feeling you’ll get when you step out onto your new deck, as opposed to the depressed feeling the old deck gave you. You didn’t know your old deck was making you depressed?

A Stunning Deck Replacement and Pergola Addition in Hilliard, OH

These homeowners in Hilliard, OH, found their wooden deck to be a constant maintenance chore. They contacted Archadeck of Columbus to transform their high-maintenance back yard into a stylish, low-maintenance oasis for fun and relaxation.

We built their new deck with low-maintenance composite decking from the TimberTech PRO Tropical collection in the beautiful Amazon Mist color. For their new railing system, the homeowners selected white vinyl railings and black aluminum pickets from the Ohio-based Mt. Hope Fence brand. For a cohesive design, they chose a TimberTech rail cap to match the decking. Not only is their new deck surface made with low-maintenance materials, so are the railings. And not only are these railings low-maintenance, but they are also much more stylish today than the clunky old wooden railings we replaced.

Deck railing detail

The clients also wanted a pergola on their deck for shade and vertical interest. We installed a beautiful white vinyl pergola from the same company that made their railing, Mt. Hope Fence. To maximize the amount of shade they could expect from the pergola, we adjusted the lathing across the top of the pergola to a 30-degree angle. The angle of the lathing and the pergola’s orientation to the sun’s path affect the amount of shade a pergola will provide.

Now, not only do the homeowners get points for their deck’s beauty and style, they also banked some sustainability points by buying local. Both TimberTech and Mt Hope Fence are based in Ohio.

Is your deck outdated? Are you tired of wood maintenance chores? Could your outdoor living space use a style update with a pergola and today’s most popular low-maintenance decking materials? Whether you need a replacement deck or a new deck and pergola, Call Archadeck of Columbus today at (740) 265-3905.

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