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More Homeowners in 2020 Invested in Outdoor Living Projects to Better Enjoy Staying Home

Home has always been where family and friends gather, celebrate, and make memories. However, in 2020, staying home wasn’t a choice; it was a requirement due to the pandemic. Many homeowners took advantage of this time to renovate and reimagine their spaces. So, how did COVID-19 impact home improvement projects? The data points to a bigger focus on cultivating places for outdoor enjoyment.

outdoor patio

New Study Points to Outdoor Structures and Accessories

Spending time at home expands beyond your four walls. Outdoor living spaces, which have been growing in popularity, were top projects for 2020, according to the Home Innovation Research Labs’ Consumer Practices Survey. Outdoor living structures and accessories were both up 20% over 2019. The study included responses from over 110,000 American and Canadian households.

Insights on Outdoor Living Trends

The first four categories all directly relate to outdoor living. Coming in first were structures—decks, porches, and patios. Second was exterior doors, signaling that when outdoor spaces got a refresh, so did doors. Third was outdoor accessories, such as privacy screens, pergolas, and benches, demonstrate homeowners wanting to make areas more functional.

outdoor patio

Finally, fireplaces, fire pits and stoves were sought-after additions to decks and patios. These additions made those areas comfortable for multiple seasons and offered a new place to cook. The study draws causation between the pandemic and social distancing with the uptick in outdoor living renovations.

outdoor patio

What this data indicates is what we at Archadeck of Columbus saw last year. People love outdoor living spaces, and creating a little oasis outside helped them enjoy it even more. The new year looks to be on course for the same trends as the pandemic continues. Even once vaccinations are widespread and the country experiences some return to normalcy, many have a new appreciation of home sweet home.

Building Your Dream Outdoor Space

outdoor patio

Whether you started on a project in 2020 or have it on your plan for 2021, our team of outdoor design experts can help you every step of the way. We offer custom designs, high-quality materials, an industry-leading warranty, and expert craftsmanship. Regardless of size, budget, or type of structure or accessory, we’re ready to transform your spaces into something amazing that you can enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to get started.