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Archadeck Updates And Upgrades A Glorious Outdoor Living Trifecta In Columbus

A poet once said, “Remember that good things come in threes,” and as evidenced by this amazing backyard transformation, she was absolutely right.

1. An Archadeck Front Entry Transformation

This Columbus, Ohio, dwelling well deserved an ultimate home improvement makeover starting with our expert patio builder team tearing out all of the existing stepping stones.


In its place, we strategically designed and built a custom Unilock patio using Holland Stone Premier in Charcoal in the patio expanse and a Holland Stone Limestone soldier’s course along the perimeter of the new patio paver space. If the term soldier’s course is new to you, it’s when our patio installers lay a row of pavers side to side, perpendicular to the rest of the pavers in the body of a patio.

Functionally, its main function is to prevent spreading and loss of load-bearing capability.


Aesthetically from a design standpoint, it’s a great opportunity to mix materials, colors, and/or textures and to create contrast. It also gives the new patio a clean, defined edge.

This was done for both the front sidewalk AND the front entry patio area. Continuity in design and functionality ensure lifelong excellence and durability.

2. Archadeck Replaces An Old Wooden Deck With A Stunning Patio Hardscape With A Firepit

Our professional patio design team then moved to the rear of the Columbus home and tore out a decaying wooden deck. In its place, we created a gorgeous retained patio with a custom wood burning fire pit to provide warmth and dazzling, flickering flames when the temperature drops.



For this backyard transformation update, we used Unilock's Brussells Dimensional with a bullnose cap on the retaining wall and fire pit.

For the patio field, we used large Beacon Hill pavers in Smooth XL.

3. Archadeck Designs And Builds An Adjacent Paver Patio For Increased Outdoor Living Functionality

To complete this outdoor living trifecta update and expansion, our team tore out all of the old decaying brick patio and installed a new patio.

For the stairs, we used a single sided bullnose. On the side patio field where the glass sliding doors are, we chose a 3-piece random design scheme using Unilock's Beacon Hill Smooth pavers. In the middle, we installed Unilock’s Hex Paver, a hexagon paver with a contemporary shape that provides our patio designers with a unique range of patterning options that are impossible to deliver with traditional four-sided pavers.

Enjoy Patio Perfection By Saying Goodbye To Old Wooden Deck And Stone Materials And Hello To Unilock

As the saying goes, “Go big or go home.” In this case, it’s more like, “Go big and STAY home!”

With an Archadeck major update like this, a new world of outdoor living enjoyment and pleasure is your proverbial oyster.

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The Archadeck of Columbus Team.