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Custom Shade Structures Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle and Complement Your Home

Is your family protected from the sun when you go outdoors to spend time on your deck or patio? Or do you find yourselves staying cooped up inside this time of year? Hot summer days remind us how much we love—and need—shade. Archadeck of Columbus has your solution for enjoying summer, outdoors, at your home. Our custom-designed covered porches, covered patios, and decks with shade pergolas allow Columbus-area homeowners to spend time outdoors in comfort.

Covered porch ceiling details

Did you know that the current temperature given on TV or radio, or on your cell phone, is always taken in a shaded area? If they say it’s 84 degrees outside, you can only expect it to feel that way if you stay in the shade. In a sunny spot, it’s going to feel hotter. The discomfort of being too hot is not the only problem with spending time in the sun. The sun’s UV rays damage our skin and can have lasting effects. Archadeck of Columbus would like to design the perfect shade structure for your home so you can enjoy your outdoor living space in comfort and safety.

Add a Covered Porch or Patio by Archadeck of Columbus

Custom backyard covered porch

For the most possible shade outdoors, you need a roof, which usually means adding a covered porch or covered patio. If we’re starting from scratch, your Archadeck design consultant can help you determine whether your family will get the most use from a covered porch or covered patio. It’s a matter of personal style, how you like to live outdoors, and what kind of design will blend with your home’s architecture and exterior finishes. Each of our outdoor living structures is custom designed for a client’s specific needs, and that applies to your new shade structure as well.

Open side deck

If you have a deck, we can look at converting it to a covered porch for all the shade you could need. Not all decks can support the weight of a roof, so this kind of conversion may not be an option for you. It’s worth considering, though, because a deck-to-porch conversion could be the most cost-effective approach.

Many homeowners don’t want to give up having a deck that’s open to the sky, and we certainly understand that! You could choose to replace your old deck with a porch and deck combination. That way you always have both options—shaded porch when the sun is scorching, and an open deck at night and during cooler seasons.

Custom covered patio

Covered patios appeal to many homeowners! If you have a pool, we can design a covered patio to complement your pool surround. Swimmers will always have a spot to escape the harsh summer sun when you have a covered patio near the pool. But you don’t need a pool to enjoy the shelter of a covered patio. Anyone who enjoys gardening will appreciate having a shady retreat without having to go all the way indoors. When your patio has a roof overhead—with a ceiling fan—there is no better place to be on a summer day.

Your Columbus Shade Pergola Builder

Custom deck with pergola

Archadeck of Columbus is your expert pergola designer and builder in the Columbus, OH, area. If you haven’t spent a lot of time studying pergolas, you might be surprised by how many variations there can be. Actually, the possible variations are infinite. Differences include size, location on your deck or patio, and the materials you might select for your pergola. A significant difference is how much shade different pergolas can provide.

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Custom patio with fire pit

When our design consultant meets with you to start designing your new deck-and-pergola or patio-and-pergola combination, we’ll talk about shade. How much shade do you want? Your answer will determine the way we design your custom pergola. We can increase the amount of shade a pergola will cast by adjusting its orientation to the path of the sun. We can also adjust the angle and size of the purlins (lathing) across the top of a pergola to increase or decrease shade.

Dining area on deck with pergola

Including a custom pergola with your deck or patio design can be a cost-effective alternative to adding a covered porch or patio. A pergola is going to be less expensive than a roof. Our design consultant will work with you to design the best shade structure to blend with your home and fit your budget, too.

Additional Types of Shade Structures for Your Home

Custom Eze breeze room

Some Columbus OH homeowners choose to combine their need for shade with the need for additional protection. Screened porches offer shade in addition to protection from pesky insects. Eze Breeze porches and 3-season rooms offer all the protection of a screened porch, plus more. These enclosed outdoor living spaces also allow homeowners to close windows, when needed, to keep the cold air out and warm air in.

What kind of shade structure would provide the protection you want at your home?

Are you ready to add a shade structure at your home? There is no charge for our design consultation, and videoconferencing is an option. Contact Archadeck of Columbus today to learn more about our custom-designed covered porches, shade pergolas, and more at (740) 265-3905 or email us at