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Delaware OH Clients Find it’s Time to Redeck their Composite Deck

When you hear about redecking and deck replacement, it’s usually in the context of a wood deck that’s worn out, but not always! At Archadeck of Columbus, we’re starting to hear from homeowners who purchased the earliest composite decks. Those first-generation composite decks are now reaching the point when they need to be “refreshed.” Is your deck one of them? If so, let’s look at making it new again with (1) redecking and (2) today’s advanced composite and synthetic decking materials.

Deck stairs

The Delaware, OH, deck featured here is a perfect example. Our clients had a composite deck added to their home when composite decking was still new, probably 20 years ago. In the industry, we call those decking boards “first-generation composites.” The companies manufacturing composite decking have continued to improve their products over the years and truly revolutionized the industry. As the materials improved, their longevity increased—the expected number of years before the decking would need to be replaced.

Old backyard deck
— Before

  • The bad news: Eventually, every deck will need to be replaced or redecked, even those built with composites.
  • The good news: Today’s composite and synthetic decking materials look beautiful. They last even longer than their predecessors and resist fading, scratches and water damage better than anything that has come before.

Redecking with Archadeck in Columbus OH

Redecking is a less-expensive alternative to a total deck replacement. To redeck, we replace the deck’s surface boards, railings, and stairs—basically, every part of the deck exposed to weather and everyday wear and tear. For redecking, we don’t build a new support structure for the deck. We use the wooden substructure already in place from the prior deck.

New backyard deck
— After

Not every deck is a candidate for redecking. If you’re interested in redecking, we have to examine your deck’s substructure before we can commit to that process. All decks have a support structure built with pressure-treated pine, the least expensive building material. Wood lasts much longer under a deck than it does out in the open where it’s exposed to sun, weather and wear over the years. If your deck’s support structure is still sound, you can save money with redecking. Cost savings come from using less materials and fewer hours of construction labor than you would have with a full deck replacement.

Homeowners interested in redecking with composite/synthetic decking materials find that the cost savings from redecking can offset some of the higher costs of wood-alternative decking materials.

Let Your Columbus Deck Builder Help Select Your Redecking Materials

Whether you’re redecking or having your deck completely replaced, the key decision you’ll have to make is what material to use for your next deck surface. Some homeowners are loyal to wood, love wood, and will never choose anything else. Others, like our clients whose deck you see here, are fans of the low-maintenance lifestyle. They like the fact that low-maintenance composite decks last longer than wood and require less upkeep. They spend more on their deck surface initially, and then they save money that wood deck owners will pay for annual wood deck maintenance.

New backyard deck with railing

For their redecking project, our Delaware OH clients chose synthetic decking from Timbertech AZEK’s Arbor collection in the Brazilian Walnut color. TimberTech AZEK has a 50-year fade and stain warranty, so you know it’s going to last … a long time. It’s a PVC material that offers the best moisture resistance of any decking available. For their new deck skirting, the homeowners selected AZEK One-Piece Skirt Board in the “Frontier” finish, a woodgrain finish style. It’s quite attractive, and this material is guaranteed against rotting, splintering, splitting, delaminating, swelling and warping. Finally, for their new railing, they selected Westbury black aluminum rail sections with the drink rail adapter and vinyl post sleeves for the posts.

New backyard deck details

You wouldn’t be faulted for observing that the previous deck looked alright, especially at this distance. Up close, you could see that the time had come to replace the old decking boards. The new colors and style—the darker decking and rail caps, white skirting and posts, black balusters and bottom rail—it’s all crisp and fresh. It makes you realize that, yes, this deck did need to be refreshed. And maybe in 50 years or so, the homeowners—whoever owns the house then—will want to do it again! Who knows what decking materials we’ll have by then! Anti-gravity, maybe?

Redecking Opens New Deck Design Options

When your deck needs to be redecked or replaced, that means it’s been around for a while. Many amazing new products are on the market now that didn’t exist when that original deck was built. You’ll have so many options for materials, colors and styles! Many homeowners find the choices overwhelming—especially while educating themselves about the different kinds of decking materials out there. That’s why it’s so helpful to work with an expert deck designer and builder like Archadeck of Columbus. We know the materials, and we can show you design options and amenities you might not find on your own.

Backyard deck staircase

Want to learn more about redecking and deck replacement? There is no charge for our design consultation, and videoconferencing is an option. Contact Archadeck of Columbus today to learn more about our custom-designed decks and deck-and-pergola combinations and more at (740) 265-3905 or email us at