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These Delaware, OH, Homeowners Thank Archadeck of Columbus for … The REST of the Story!

Custom deck stairs

If you remember that old Paul Harvey radio program, The Rest of the Story, you’ll appreciate this situation as much as we did. The builder of this new home wouldn’t spend money on something nice to complete the back of this house, so they provided the minimum as required by code. They provided “builder steps” from the back door to the ground. That’s it, just steps. Legally, they couldn’t leave the homeowner with a kitchen door opening out into thin air.

Before image of backyard space
— Before image of back of the home showing the “builder steps”.

When you look at the expanse of windows across the back of this house, you can practically hear the windows themselves crying out for a deck. What the windows—and the house—wanted was … The Rest of the Story. (If you’re not familiar with this radio program, then you should know the emphasis goes on the word “Rest,” as in The REST of the Story.)

Finishing What the Builder Started

It didn’t take much expense to complete this home. It was a simple project, really, just a basic deck of pressure-treated pine with white vinyl railings and black pickets of powder-coated aluminum. Archadeck of Columbus did go the extra mile to create stairs that turn, with a landing half-way down. We did design the stairs to end at the home’s paver patio rather than out there in the grass somewhere.

Custom deck stairs

What this Delaware, OH, deck illustrates is how a simple outdoor living structure can complete a home, and it doesn’t have to break the budget. These clients chose cost-effective pressure-treated pine for their deck surface and stairs, but the railing and pickets are made from low-maintenance materials. That means the clients’ year-to-year deck maintenance chores are cut in half. The railing system will not need more than an occasional once-over with a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution.

Back view of deck with stairs

Combining wood with low-maintenance materials is a smart way to create an affordable outdoor living space that is relatively easy to maintain.

When Size is Not the Priority

In terms of size, this project shows that an outdoor living space doesn’t have to be huge to be effective. Just adding a simple deck across the back of the house makes this house look awesome. The back door opens from the kitchen to the deck, and the homeowners’ grill is right there just outside the door. The windows lining the deck (thank you!) look out from the living room.

Side view of custom deck with stairs

It would be great if all new construction came with the ideal outdoor living space already built in, but to contain the price of a new home the builder often stops short of that. When you hear the terms “builder-grade patio” or “builder steps,” that’s your signal it won’t be great and you’ll probably want to replace it with something more functional.

If you’re purchasing a newly-constructed home that lacks an attractive or functional outdoor living space, let us design The REST of the Story for your home, too. We can find an affordable way to complete your home with a custom deck design, patio or porch that truly makes it “yours.” Please give us a call today at (740) 265-3905.

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