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Is Redecking Right For You?

If your deck boards are showing signs of wear and age, is redecking a good idea?

ageing deck

Let’s cover the benefits of redecking and also the prerequisites required to discern if your deck is a candidate for redecking in general.

Redecking For Both Wooden Decks As Well As 1st And 2nd Generation Composite Decks

When a homeowner contacts us and requests that we design and build a new outdoor living space for them, it is sometimes possible that their existing deck can be re-decked, resurfaced or upgraded, and in some cases, even expanded upon to achieve their goal.

As the premier deck and porch builder in Columbus OH, here at Archadeck custom designed decks are among our many specialties. With this in mind, we can often expand upon and customize what is already present in your backyard space in order to deliver you the backyard of your dreams.

deck with lawn chairs

But is the substructure in your deck in good enough condition for redecking? That’s the pivotal question.

Before redecking, our expert redecking team will assess the condition of the underlying deck substructure which is the deck’s support system, including joists and beams.

If the substructure is in good shape and structurally sound, it may make very good sense to redeck instead of removing your current deck and starting fresh from scratch.

new wood deck

However, if the substructure is compromised or rotting, it's highly recommended to have us replace it entirely, as a new deck surface won't solve the underlying structural issues.

Why Would You Redeck A Deck That Was Originally Built With Composite Decking Materials? Isn’t Redecking Just For Aged Wood Decks?

That’s an interesting question. Like most innovations in technology, a great concept and a subsequent new product gets improved and refined over time. Think computers and their operating systems!

Composite decking first became available more than a quarter of a century ago, back in 1996. That innovation marked the beginning of a significant shift in the decking industry.

deck with outdoor furniture

Back then, early composite decking was typically made from a combination of wood fibers and plastic, often referred to as wood-plastic composites.

Over time, manufacturers began to experiment with different materials and additives to improve durability, performance, appearance and aesthetics. Today, composite decking boards often consist of a blend of wood fibers, plastic polymers, and sometimes additional materials to enhance performance and longevity.

Then 2009 changed everything, as the third generation of composite decking was introduced. Since then, composite decking manufacturers have continued to refine the formulation and manufacturing processes to enhance these properties, resulting in longer lasting and more reliable products.

deck with outdoor dining area

So if you were ahead of the curve and an early adopter of composite decking way back when it was first introduced, we will help you determine if redecking is in your best interest – practically and financially.

Redecking Can Result In A “Whole New Ballgame” For Outdoor Living Leisure, Relaxation And Enjoyment

If the substructure of your deck – which is the base that the deck is built on – is in good shape, you may be able to save money and time by redecking instead of tearing down your old deck and starting from scratch with a new one.

The key elements we need to evaluate to determine if your deck is a candidate for redecking will include the quality and structural integrity of the original substructure and how it has weathered, changed and aged over time.

deck with outdoor furniture and plants

We will also determine if any applicable building codes have changed since the deck was originally installed. If the deck fits all of the latest criteria required for redecking, we will make sure it complies with those new building codes as well.

Once your existing deck is deemed a good candidate for redecking with a new surface, we will then work with you to help you choose the material that best fits your needs and budget.

Here at Archadeck of Columbus, we have many decking materials to choose from. We can help you decide on a wood, new composite or synthetic decking material. Synthetic materials such as solid PVC are composed of elements that stabilize and protect them from UV damage. These materials also have several advantages over most species of wood. The synthetic material is much less likely to crack or chip, and are impervious to insects such as termites.

chair on deck

An added benefit of choosing a synthetic material is that it will never have to be treated or stained — that means you focus on enjoying your backyard rather than maintaining it!

A Redecking With The Newest Materials Is The Perfect Time To Switch From Wood To Low Maintenance Decking

We love wood – and we always have. But some folks don’t want to be faced with regular maintenance to ensure that their backyard deck looks good and performs well for years to come.

deck stairs


Simply put, using the state-of-the-art composite and synthetic PVC decking materials from outdoor living innovator, TimberTech, is like a never-ending fountain of youth for your refurbished deck.

newly finished deck with stairs

After redecking.

Manufactured by AZEK, all TimberTech redecking materials will last and withstand the negative effects of aging and nature. TimberTech redecking planks are more stain, scratch, and mold resistant, and will have a longer life than wood lumber.

Even better, a re-deck with TimberTech means that your “new” deck will look like new for a very long time, without any strenuous work on your part.

deck with fireplace

When it comes to maintenance, a quick whisk of a broom or rinse with a garden hose, and you’re back to the luxe look that you first enjoyed the day we installed it.

With TimberTech, there will be no more laborious hours of seemingly endless wood sanding, staining, and repairing your deck. Instead, you’ll be living the life of redecking leisure on your beautifully restored outdoor deck.

Environmental Awareness Is Another Key Reason Why TimberTech Is So In Demand These Days For Redecking

Nationwide, consumers have become more environmentally conscious, leading to increased demand for sustainable and eco-friendly building materials in general, and decking with TimberTech is no exception.

deck with bar

As such, deck and outdoor living space building codes and regulations have adapted to include composite and synthetic decking, specifying installation and safety requirements to ensure its safe use.

As the industry has matured, composite and synthetic decking manufacturers have become more confident in the longevity of their products, leading to extended warranties. Many of today’s modern composite and synthetic decking products are backed by 25-year or even lifetime warranties.

To Deck Or Redeck? That Is The Question. Archadeck Will Help You Make The Decision That’s Right For You.

Please accept our invitation to schedule a complimentary design consultation at your convenience.

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The Archadeck of Columbus Team.