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What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Combination Outdoor Living Space?

It’s easy to turn your backyard into everything you imagined it could possibly be with Archadeck of Columbus. Combination outdoor living spaces are the ultimate home improvement to add value to your life and, more importantly, to your everyday life.

Outdoor living spaces

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Add Valuable And Functional Living Space To My Home?

If you need more space inside your home and there just doesn’t seem to be any way to achieve that, don’t fret. Just take a look outside your rear windows.

That green vista of a manicured lawn can be the start of something big – and useful.

How about adding a new family room or great room just a step away from your rear kitchen door? Our team led by Rob Mitchell can make it happen.

How Can Archadeck Give Me More Outdoor Living Space?

That is a simple question which has many, many answers. The extent to what we can design and build for your outdoor home improvement is only limited by your imagination.


During a free design consultation, we can explore the many ways to give you more space to live your life to the fullest.

Here are just a few examples.

1. 4-Track Window Porches: Fresh air when you want it and closed and comfortable when you don’t – that’s the joy of our our-track window conversions. These porch enclosures are similar to a traditional three-season sunroom, except there’s no glass in.

combo outdoor living space

Instead, the transparent “window” walls are created with panels and high-quality screens. Like three-season sunrooms, these enclosures allow homeowners to enjoy outdoor living in comfort with protection from insects, airborne allergens, rain showers, and intense solar heat.

2. Screened Porches: With a roof overhead and screened “walls,” a screened porch can be the perfect answer to your outdoor living wish list.

columbus screened porch

The combination of being able to relax and entertain in the fresh air, without the bothersome intrusion of bugs and flying insects, is a blessing.

With creative space planning, your screened porch can be many things. For example, step out of your rear exterior door into a spacious outdoor living room. Adjacent to that, relax and chat with friends in your outdoor living room suite. We’ll show you how to best create a functional flow to accommodate everything you want to do.

3. Decks: Decks have become a permanent fixture for many single family homes. What is interesting is that between 2010 and 2021, only 50,000 newly built homes came with a deck. All the rest were added after the fact – and that is precisely what Archadeck does.

deck with hot tub

In fact, when our brand was founded in 1980, we saw a tremendous need for after-market deck building as home builders back then didn’t want to be bothered with building outdoor spaces. They simply wanted to build the house proper.

Grateful for that opportunity, we believe that choosing a custom deck design is comparable to buying a new car. Not everyone wants a white car to deflect the sun, but those who do really want to drive a white car. Some drivers want an engine with more horsepower, and some want a more powerful sound system. The possible combinations as you mix and match the available features are almost endless.

low maintenance deck builders

With great advances in outdoor building materials, we can design decks in both wood and low maintenance composite or synthetic decking. For virtually carefree outdoor living, you will most likely be attracted to Earth-friendly alternatives, like AZEK PVC decking or TimberTech composite decking.

As the name implies, TimberTech composite decking is just that – a composite composed of materials from a blend of organic wood fibers and plastic polymers. These decking boards are highly resistant to stains, scratches, splits, mold, and mildew and feature a remarkably realistic wood appearance. They also come in a great variety of colors and textures.

4. Redecking: For many homeowners, getting the enlarged and upgraded combination outdoor living space they long for may already be in their backyard. It just needs a makeover.

wooden deck builders

Again, you have a choice between using pressure-treated lumber and synthetic or composite decking. If you don’t mind the regular annual upkeep it entails, pressure-treated wood is a great choice, and usually costs less than low maintenance alternatives.

5. Covered Patios: Hardscape and paver patios are a wonderful way to add to your combination outdoor living space footprint. To stimulate your thinking and explore what’s possible, we encourage you to view our collection of Columbus patios and hardscapes that we’ve built over the years.


You’ll notice that several had added protection from the elements with roof covers and pergolas which help to extend your time outdoors when the sun gets a little too intense.

6. Combination Outdoor Living Spaces: Discerning Columbus area homeowners want outdoor living spaces that meet the needs of how they want to live outside. Just as we usually don’t have a room inside where we do everything from dining, to reading, to relaxing, our clients want combination spaces.

These often include:

1. A deck and patio

2. A patio and screened porch

3. A screened porch with an attached deck

4. A covered porch with an attached deck

multi-functional outdoor living space

Next, think about variables that may require special consideration, like sightlines and coverage from the sun.

• Do you want a place to sit and watch what’s going on in the rest of the backyard? Perhaps you’re watching over kids in the pool or just enjoying the view of your garden.

• How much sun protection do you want?

• Do you want a space that has both a covered area and an uncovered area?

• How much wind protection do you want? Basically, do you want a screened area or an enclosed 3-season room for an indoor/outdoor living feel?

• Do you want your space screened for bug protection? This is often a huge consideration.

• Do you want to enjoy the fresh air and 

paver patio with outdoor kitchen & pergola

And be sure to think about access. For example, how do you want to transition into your yard? Do you perhaps want a low space to enter your yard more easily?

That’s A Lot Of Important Questions, But We Have All The Time You Need

During your personalized design consultation, we will spend time listening to all your needs and wants. Then, we will share proven ideas and suggestions based on our experience for functionality and comfort. To aid our discussion, we will share pictures of other designs and then work collaboratively with you to design the space you need for your family.

You can schedule yours right now by clicking this link. We look forward to meeting with you.

The Archadeck of Columbus Team

The Archadeck of Columbus Team.