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Perfect Paver Patio by Archadeck of Columbus, With Matching Front Walkway

You could say that “supply your own patio and steps” is the name of the game when it comes to buying a newly-built home. Several of our clients purchasing new homes in the Columbus area have experienced this situation. They found that some builders will not go out of their way to provide anything more attractive or functional than a stoop at the back door.

The home you see here, featuring our newest London, OH, paver patio project, is just such an example. As you can see in the “Before” photo, this home came with the smallest back porch ever—really, just a stoop. While it could hold a couple of chairs, it offered none of the outdoor living flair or function the homeowners wanted.

Old backyard with back stoop
— Before

On the plus side, the stoop was covered by a roof, so they had a bit of shade when they needed it. On the minus side, do you see those tiny wooden steps? Those steps seem to say, “As a builder, I have fulfilled my legal obligation to provide you with a means of egress to the back yard.” Full stop.

London OH Paver Patio Builder

This property overlooks a beautiful stretch of Madison Lake State Park, and the lake itself is visible from the homeowners’ back yard. What a view to savor! A scene like this deserves a special patio from which to view it, to be sure. The homeowners wanted an appropriate setting where they could relax, enjoy the outdoors and share that enjoyment with guests.

New custom backyard patio

With the clients’ input, patio and hardscapes designer Archadeck of Columbus designed a graceful paver patio that looks right at home in this natural setting. Almost kidney-shaped, the patio has a unique middle curve connecting the areas at each side.

Custom backyard detailed patio

Archadeck of Columbus is your London, OH, Unilock patio and hardscapes builder, and even this relatively simple patio shows how we have earned that reputation. The patio field features Unilock Beacon Hill pavers in Slate Blue. For the rounded edges we used Unilock Brussels Fullnose coping in Sierra. The dark running line that provides contrast near the edge, called a sailor course in paver parlance, features Unilock Holland Premier in Mocha. Finally, we built the retaining walls and step risers with Unilock Brussels Dimensional in Sierra.

Custom backyard detailed patio

London OH Front Walkway and Steps with Pavers

Remember those funny little steps at the back? There was a matching set for the front porch, too! Archadeck of Columbus created a beautiful set of front steps and a gently curving walkway to replace the gravel path leading up to the front porch. We used the same paver combination and colors for our design in the front as we used for the patio and steps in the back.

Old front porch with seating area and American flag
— Before

The homeowners are more than pleased with their beautiful, sturdy steps in the front and the back, and they love the new patio and walkway. We exceeded their expectations—and that’s high praise in our line of work!

New front porch with walkway
— After

Would a new paver patio give you a comfortable place to sit while you enjoy the outdoors and entertain friends? There is no charge for our design consultation, and videoconferencing is an option. Contact Archadeck of Columbus today to learn more about our custom-designed decks, screened porches, and more at (740) 265-3905.

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