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In North Canton, OH, Archadeck Proudly Builds Quality Into Every Outdoor Structure

blank canvas with paint brushes

Is your North Canton, OH, back yard a blank canvas longing for interpretation, or does your home include a porch, patio or deck you want to replace? Why do we ask? We recommend before you get too deep into the details of the outdoor living structure you want to add or replace, give some thought to who will design and build it.

Archadeck of Akron is your outdoor living design-and-build contractor in the Stark County, OH, area, including North Canton. We look forward to working with you on any outdoor living structures you are planning to add to your home. Archadeck has a strong reputation as a builder focused on design and quality. When you meet with us for a design consultation, that focus will immediately become apparent.

Designing Your New Outdoor Living Structures

deck with outdoor fire pit

When we design your North Canton porch, deck or patio we will ask questions intended to clarify how you want to use your outdoor living space. The more we know about your goals for your outdoor refuge, the more accurate we’ll be when we start the design process. When you think of design, you may think of size, shape and color, but it’s more than that. We are creating a space specifically for your family and your lifestyle. We will need to consider factors like the slope and shape of your lot. We will also design your new structure to blend in with the design of your home so it doesn’t look “added on.”

Front Porch, Back Porch, Open Porch or Screened Porch?

What kind of porch can we design and build for you? Front porches are usually open porches, meaning they are covered by a roof but not enclosed with screens. Back porches are often screened-in porches, but not always. Will you use your porch as a refuge from insects as well as rainy weather? If so, you’ll need a screened porch.

Screened Porch

Will the screened porch need to be elevated, or level with the ground? Will children or pets be playing on the screened porch? You see, we do ask a lot of questions! If a screened porch is elevated and you have children or pets, we’ll probably need to design that porch with a knee wall instead of a railing. The knee wall will protect the lower portion of your screens from the mishaps of rambunctious play. If you don’t need to design the space for children or pets, you’ll probably select a railing because it affords a better view of the yard. Aren’t you glad we asked?

Maybe You Need a 3-Season Room

Every question we ask is with one goal in mind: to create the perfect outdoor living space for you and your North Canton home. For example, we may start out talking about a screened porch and end up talking about a three-season room. While screens are wonderful for keeping insects out of your relaxing outdoor room, they don’t keep out the chill. If using your outdoor room well into the chillier months is what you have in mind, a three-season room will give you the option to enclose the space with windows. The great part is that when the weather warms up again, you can slide 75% of the windows open, revealing the screens for air circulation. You also have the option of removing the windows entirely until fall comes back around, giving you a screened porch during spring and summer. Now you see why we ask so many questions!

Would You Prefer Synthetic Decking Materials?

Many homeowners have had wood decks before and are certain they no longer want deck maintenance chores. We understand! As your North Canton deck builder, Archadeck of Akron can guide you through the choices in synthetic decking such as composite and (PVC) decking brands like AZEK, TimberTech and more. There are quite a few different styles and colors as well as several price points. We’ll help you select the decking material that’s right for your budget as well as your lifestyle.

Replacing an Older Deck at your North Canton Home

If you have a deck that’s seen better days, it is probably time to refresh it. If you want us to tear that old deck down and start over from scratch with all new materials, we can do that. However, if you’re looking to save on construction costs, sometimes we can take less drastic measures. First, we’ll need to inspect your existing deck to determine if the underlying support structure is in good enough shape to use again. That’s often the case because the substructure is not exposed to the weathering elements that create wear and tear on the deck’s surface.

We call this kind of action deck resurfacing or redecking, and it can definitely be a cost saver for homeowners. If your North Canton deck qualifies for redecking, we can replace your wood deck with wood again or switch to a composite deck surface for a low-maintenance solution.

Don’t Think We’ve Forgotten Those North Canton Patios!

That’s right, when you call in Archadeck of Akron to design and build your patio, you are talking with the right people. We will ask you enough questions to get a very good idea of what kind of patio you want. From size and shape to materials and additional hardscape design elements, we will cover every aspect. Our goal is to learn how you intend to use your patio, whether for entertaining or family functions, and how much space you’ll need. For larger patios we recommend a design that creates two or more areas for different purposes. For example, you may set up a dining arrangement in one section of the patio and comfortable chairs for lounging in another area. Sometimes these areas are even on different levels, perhaps a step or two up or down for the visual effect of creating more than one outdoor “room.”

Materials for Your Patio

patio with chairs and table

The materials you select for your patio are what will make this patio uniquely yours. Every patio is different, and that starts with selecting pavers, natural stone or concrete. We have a wide variety of pavers available now, many with an Old World, European feel that’s hard to resist. Whether you prefer a random design or a carefully-planned geometric pattern, we can create the precise look you want for your patio.

Adding Hardscape Elements

patio with fire pit

While people tend to think of a patio as a surface, as your North Canton patio designers we can also incorporate vertical hardscape elements to add function and dimension. For example, adding a fire pit with a seating wall is very popular. Many homeowners love pillars that define the end points of a seating wall. Or, maybe you’re thinking of something bigger such as a stone fireplace at one end of your patio. Archadeck of Akron can help you navigate the pros and cons of each type of fire feature including the decision whether to burn wood or gas.

A Pergola, the Finishing Touch

pergola with flowers and plants

Whether grand or slim, beefy or delicate, a pergola can provide just the right finishing touch for decks and patios. Let us know if you’re considering a pergola so we can design it to complement your outdoor living space instead of adding it as an afterthought. Pergolas can be used for shade, too, and the amount of shade you want will influence the pergola design.

Combination Outdoor Living Spaces

patio with outdoor lamps

It may seem like we only want you to have a porch OR a deck OR a patio. That’s not the case! We talk about each structure separately because of the specific design decisions involved, but combining them creates a bigger and more versatile outdoor living space. We highly recommend combining a porch with a deck or patio; a deck with a patio and outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen; or any other configuration you desire. Tell us what you want!

Back to the Basics: Design and Quality

We said Archadeck focused on design and quality, and we mean it. The quality shows up in the careful way we design your outdoor living space. Quality shows up again in our entire construction process including our workmanship and the warranties Archadeck provides for all of the projects we build. Quality is a basic ingredient in everything we do.

deck pergola with outdoor kitchen

To Learn More:

Contact Archadeck of Akron today to schedule your North Canton, OH, design consultation. The call and the consultation are free, and the benefits will provide many years of enjoyment! You can reach us at (330) 537-6412 or email us.

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