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It’s Time for Millennials to See Decks, Porches and Patios Their Way!

Here’s a question for millennials in the Akron, OH, area: Are you starting to think about purchasing a home of your own, or have you already crossed that one off your list?

Friends hanging out on cozy deck

Answer 1: I’m starting to look for a home – or at least thinking about it.

Great! House hunting can be fun and it can also be overwhelming. If you know what kind of house you want, it’s just a matter of locating it. You may unexpectedly find one you LOVE that’s not what you imagined for yourself. Keeping an open mind can lead to good things.

As the premier Akron deck and patio builder, we have a bit of advice for you: Don’t get hung up on finding a house with the perfect deck or patio. If the rest of the house speaks to you and has the features you want, we can update or replace the outdoor living space to get it right. “Archadeck of Akron”: as you talk about features you want in your outdoor living space. Then we make it happen with a custom design just for your home.

Answer 2: Done. We have the house.

We need a better deck or patio – or both. We need a porch. We need a sunroom.

Sunroom, patio and hot tub deck

Once you purchase a home, there’s a period where all you’re doing is making it yours. Sure, you own it, but does it represent you honestly? That can take time. Sometimes all you need to add are the finishing touches. Find a sweet rug, hang your pictures on the wall, take down the light fixtures that came with the house and put in some you really like. Not your grandmother’s light fixtures. Not your mother’s.

Sometimes more work is required to make your imprint on a home. You may decide you don’t like that carpet. Take it up and put down better flooring. If you want to surround yourself with wood, bring in wood floors. You don’t love the style of the kitchen cabinets the home came with? Paint them or consider upgrading the hardware.

Homeowners imagining new home

Archadeck of Akron is here to help you if the home you purchased didn’t come with the perfect deck, patio, porch or sunroom. The home’s outdoor living space may have been perfect for the prior owners but if it’s not right for you, we won’t stop until it is. Add a deck, replace one, or make it bigger. Let us turn your deck into a screened porch and build you a bigger, better deck. Is your patio too plain? We can add the outdoor fireplace or fire pit you need.

Financing, if you need it.

Archadeck of Akron is here to meet you where you are. If your outdoor living project depends on access to financing, let us know so we can help you with that. It can make a huge difference.

Personalize your outdoor living space.

Deck and patio with outdoor kitchen and fire pit

We can’t say it enough: Make it yours. Your outdoor living space won’t feel right until it reflects your lifestyle, your favorite things, the way you want to live outdoors.

Step 1. What do you like?

At Archadeck of Akron, we don’t assume anything. Tell us what you like about your home’s outdoor living space – deck, porch, patio, pool, etc. – and tell us what you don’t like. Show us what you’ve saved on Pinterest and which deck, porch or patio builders you’re following on Instagram. Do you like TV design shows? When you’re looking for ideas, where do you look? What draws your attention?

Follow us on social media for videos and examples of our work:

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This may sound crazy, but follow other Archadeck locations on social media, too. You can pick up some great ideas that way. Each Archadeck design-and-build firm (we’re all over the country) operates independently and we don’t mind sharing ideas. We’ll custom design your project specifically for your home, and that can mean we incorporate your favorite ideas from a variety of sources.

Step 2. Call us at (330) 537-6412 for a free design consultation.

Design is a big part of what makes any outdoor living structure right for you. Materials for a deck … wood, or low-maintenance wood alternatives? What’s more important to you, surrounding yourself with natural materials or having the convenience of a low-maintenance living space? For the patio, do you like natural stone or the more uniform appearance and durability of manufactured pavers? Archadeck of Akron can show you all kinds of design options, and we’ll let you lead the way to finding what works best for you.

Wood deck design

When we say, “We’ll meet you where you are”? – we mean that in two ways. First, we’ll come to meet with you at your home. Not just because it’s more convenient for you. Seeing your home, your furnishings and your design choices inside the home will give us clues about what you might want outdoors. Second, tell us what you’ve already researched about outdoor structures and what questions you have.

Step 3. Sign a contract.

Man signing contract

It’s a necessity in our line of work. It spells out our agreement so we both know what to expect as we work to complete your new outdoor living space.

Step 4. Stand back and watch us build.

Share our progress on social media so your friends can see your deck, patio, porch or sunroom come to life in real time. When it’s completed, they’ll be dying to come over and see it.

Step 5. Give us a great review!

If you’re pleased with our work – if you got the outdoor living space you imagined, or even better! – let everyone know. Your followers need to know about your great experience with Archadeck of Akron.
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Are you a millennial looking for a new or better deck, porch, patio or sunroom? Want to add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit at your home? We take good care of our millennial clients. Contact us today to schedule your free design consultation. You can reach us at (330) 537-6412.

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