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Archadeck of Akron’s Deluxe Projects Feature Patios in Outdoor Living Combinations

outdoor patio Deck

A patio provides the setting for a variety of fun and relaxing outdoor activities, but sometimes a patio alone just isn’t enough. Many homeowners find there are days (and nights!) when they wish they had a patio and a deck. Some realize they want the best of all worlds—combining a deck, porch and patio. Others believe that if you’re going to combine outdoor living structures, you can’t leave out a fire feature!

Deck and Patio Combinations Increase Functionality of Your Outdoor Space

Patio Deck

A deck gives you a place to relax outdoors, dine al fresco and entertain guests. A patio offers the same. That’s where some homeowners stop. They view their decision as a choice between a deck and a patio. If you’ve visited homes with both a deck and patio, however, you know there’s more to it than that. Combining them creates a bit of magic. When you have both, you gain more options for how you might use them. Let’s take a look.

  • Deck and patio on different levels

Custom patio deck

If your lot is gently sloping or terraced, it’s likely your deck will be elevated and your patio at ground level. There’s an advantage to having an outdoor living space at each level. The deck is preferable when you’re inside the house and you want to step right out onto an outdoor space that’s close at hand. Does your family enjoy spending time together in the yard? A patio gives you a spot where you can all collapse into chairs after an energetic game of badminton. In multi-level deck and patio combinations, a connecting set of stairs makes this combination outdoor living space perfect for entertaining.

  • Deck and patio on the same level

TimberTech Deck

Without a slope, your deck and patio may be on one level, or at least no more than a step or two apart. You’ll find that these two outdoor spaces feel different, and you’ll gravitate to one or the other depending on your purpose. When you have two outdoor “rooms,” you may enjoy outfitting them with distinctly different kinds of outdoor furniture. Perhaps one is your family’s designated outdoor dining area and the other is home to your most comfortable lounge chairs. You may prefer to grill and dine on the deck, since that would be closest to the house, and enjoy the patio as a garden terrace. We don’t know anyone who has regretted adding a deck-and-patio combination.

  • Deck and patio where one is shaded

Outdoor patio deckYet another variation on the deck and patio combination is to plan one of the spaces as a shaded area. We frequently design individual decks and patios with pergolas for shade, so why not include a pergola in your combination? We could design the space with a pergola close to the home, attached to your deck, or farther out over the patio. A pergola can make a dramatic visual statement over a patio!

Reach out to the Archadeck team today at (330) 537-6412.

Adding a fire pit to your patio-and-deck combination can mean the patio becomes your leisure destination and the deck of your outdoor dining area. It’s completely up to you! That’s why Archadeck of Akron’s ability to custom design each outdoor living space is so powerful. You tell us how you want to use your deck and your patio, and we’ll design the perfect outdoor combination for your needs.

Spread Out Your Costs With Our Phased Building Program

outdoor patio deck

Not only are our combination outdoor spaces are made to order, but Archadeck of Akron can also customize a phased building option for you. Here’s how it works:

  • We custom design a combination outdoor living space with the components you want.
  • We divide the project into segments such as (1) screened porch, (2) deck and pergola, (3) patio and fire pit.
  • We build the first segment, then wait to schedule construction of the second and third segments when your budget allows.

The advantage of building in stages is that we can lay the necessary groundwork for the later phases when we’re building the first. That way we won’t have to undo or redo work—which would be inefficient and increase your costs. Building in stages lessens the impact of the total project on your lifestyle and your wallet. Not many paver patio and deck builders offer a phased building program. It’s one of the ways Archadeck sets ourselves apart by offering superior service and value.

For more information about our staged building program, read, “The Backyard You Want Is Within Reach With Our Phased Building Program!

To get started on your new Akron patio-and-deck or patio-deck-and-porch combination, call today for a complimentary consultation at (330) 537-6412 or email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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