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Have It Made In The Shade This Season With Archadeck Of Akron!

Akron Shade Structure BuilderThrowing shade used to be a term for subtly saying something unsavory about someone. But enough about that. When Patrick Sluss throws shade, he’s doing it to protect his Akron area clients from the rigors of the spring and summer sun.

The cool thing about it is that he and his team have so many ways to do it.

Enjoy Shade With A Custom Pergola

Our pergolas are custom designed for each outdoor living space. Not only do they add a captivating design element, but they can also be strategically designed to offer comfortable shade on your deck or patio.

Pergolas offer a measure of shade to your Akron deck

Though they have been around for some time now, pergolas have recently become popular again, as they provide a special element to your outdoor space.

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to pergola construction. We can construct them with wood, PVC, vinyl, composite and even aluminum, depending on what you have in mind. We look forward to discussing these options and ideas more in depth with a free, no-obligation design consultation – or just call us.

Enjoy Shade With A Screened Porch

Our screened porches naturally come with a handsome roof overhead as it is needed to support the structure of the screened porch walls.

For those who wish to enjoy the feeling of open air and shaded protection from the elements at the same time, a screened porch design seems the obvious choice to us.

Screened Porch Builders

Archadeck of Akron screened porches add livable square footage to your indoor living spaces. They are frequently used for outdoor playrooms, outdoor TV rooms, outdoor dining rooms – or all of those, and more!

Here, too, staying shaded from the elements means that you can furnish your porch with great furnishings and accessories without worrying about the weather.

Enjoy a quiet few moments each morning, entertain friends on the weekends, or host family for Sunday dinner inside your screened porch. The shaded outdoor living combinations are virtually limitless.

Enjoy Shade With A Covered Porch Using Your Deck Or Patio

If you’re looking for wide open exposure to your yard, but want the benefit of shade overhead, a covered porch could be your very best solution.

View From Within Kent Covered Patio

Our covered shade porches can happen in an amazing variety of ways.

Shade covering a Deck or a Patio: Now you can have a shaded covered outdoor living structure that works in unison with a deck or patio. The beauty of this option is that it allows you the freedom and protection to escape a popup summer shower or the heat and humidity of the late summer afternoon sun without having to retreat indoors.

Covered Patio Contractors Kent OH Archadeck of Akron

Detached covered poolside porches are often built over a custom tiered paver patio and often include an expansive outdoor kitchen. Wow!

As we don’t believe in one size or design fits all when it comes to any of our outdoor living structures, covered decks and patios in particular have the ability to transform your home’s livability and aesthetic.

We specialize in designing shaded porches that add curb appeal, functionality and enhanced enjoyment all while keeping your home’s existing architecture in mind.

Open Porch Builder

Unlike other companies that treat a porch addition as an afterthought, Archadeck of Akron strives to build you a quality, custom designed shaded outdoor combination space that appears original to your home, adding value and enjoyment for many years down the road.

With Archadeck, there are no quick fixes. Ever. Every solution is methodically planned and executed.

3-Season Rooms Are So Much More Than Just Shade

Enjoy the comfort and solace 3-season rooms can bring.

Sit back and relish the first snowflakes of the season’s frost adorning your backyard, take in the beauty of new spring flowers sprouting from the ground as the long awaited change of season finally rolls around, stay cool and protected as the temperature rises and bugs fly free, or curl up with a blanket and admire your backyard as it transforms into a colorful array of orange, red, and brown leaves.

Three Season Room Builder

Whatever the season may be, Archadeck of Akron can make sure you enjoy it from the comfort of your custom 3-season room.

For your added comfort and convenience, embellishments like ceiling fans, lighting, and heating elements can also be added.

Our expert custom 3-season designers and professional builders will work closely with you to get a clear understanding of how you intend to use your space. They will address your specific needs, taste, and budget to build a custom sunroom that compliments your home’s existing style, color, and architecture.

Shade Or No Shade, Archadeck Has You Covered

Our team at Archadeck of Akron understands that your outdoor living space should not diminish the aesthetics or functionality of your indoor or outdoor living space.

Porches as Shade Structures with Fireplace

That could mean installing extra insulation to keep you warm in the winter months, or large windows and added skylights to allow for plenty of sunlight.

Whatever your specific needs may be, our professionals at Archadeck of Akron will make sure that the existing living space is not affected by the sunroom. Our custom designed outdoor living home improvements will add value to your home, while being seamlessly integrated to your existing living space.

Open porch with fireplace

It All Starts With A Conversation – Online Or In Person

The beauty of Archadeck is that we’re easy to deal with and even easier to talk to. In all modesty, we’re simply the best. We strive to give you the value-added guidance and superior service our clients have grown accustomed to. Click here and let’s get started.

Patrick Sluss Owner Archadeck of Akron

Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron