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Is Adding A Screened Porch Worth The Cost?

Whether you refer to it as a screened porch, a screened-in porch, or a screen porch, the question is always the same from Akron homeowners: “Is adding a screened porch worth the cost?”

new screened porch

The direct answer is that it depends.

Think about how you plan to use the screened porch. It can provide a comfortable outdoor living space, protect you from insects, and offer a place for relaxation, dining, or entertaining. If you'll use it frequently and it adds to your quality of life, it may very well be worth the cost.

Also, adding a screened porch will potentially increase the resale value of your home, as it adds usable square footage and enhances curb appeal.

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What Is The Difference Between A Screened Porch And A 3-Season Room?

A screened porch and a 3-season room are both popular additions to Akron homes that provide opportunities to enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from the elements. However, they have distinct differences in terms of their construction, purpose, and the level of protection they offer. Here are the key differences.

Akron Screened Porch

An Akron screened porch is primarily designed to provide a bug-free and open-air space for relaxation, dining, and socializing. It offers protection from insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, making it an ideal space for warm-weather use.

screened porch in Akron

A screened porch typically features a roof and is surrounded by screens (mesh or fabric) instead of windows. This allows for good ventilation and a strong connection to the outdoors. The structure will be supported by posts or columns.

Screened porches are generally intended for use during the warmer months of the year, usually spring, summer, and early fall. They do not provide insulation or climate control, so they can become a tad chilly in the winter.

custom screened porch

As for versatility, screened porches can add value to your lifestyle in multiple ways and can be designed in various architectural styles. They are ideal for those who enjoy the sensation of being outdoors without the annoyance of bugs.

Akron 3-Season Room

A 3-season room, as the name implies, is designed for use during three out of four seasons: spring, summer, and fall. It offers more protection from the elements compared to a screened porch and can provide a comfortable and semi-conditioned space for various activities.

roof of 3 season room

A 3-season room typically features windows or doors with screens to
allow for ventilation and light. It may have insulated walls, insulated roof, and or floor, making it more enclosed than a screened porch. Some 3-season rooms have added insulation, which helps to regulate the temperature.

While a 3-season room offers more comfort than a screened porch, it is still not fully insulated or heated, so it may not be suitable for use during the coldest months of winter. It can extend your outdoor living season and protect you from rain, snow and the cold wind by adding infrared heaters or a fireplace.

outside view of 3 season room

Also, 3-season rooms are more versatile than screened porches. They can be used for relaxation, dining, home offices, or as a playroom. With the addition of space heaters, they can be used during cooler weather as well.

Is A 3-Season Room Worth The Investment?

The worth of investing in a 3-season room depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you value having a semi-conditioned space that extends your outdoor living season and provides a comfortable and protected environment during three seasons, it can be a valuable addition.

3 season room and spacious deck combination

Be sure to carefully weigh the costs, expected usage, and your long-term plans for your home before making a decision. Consulting with Archadeck for a complimentary design consultation is the best place to start.

How Do I Choose Between A Screened Porch And A 3 Season Room?

Ultimately, your personal preferences and lifestyle play a significant role in your decision. Consider what you value most in an outdoor living space and which option aligns better with your goals.

inside of 3 season room

Ensure that the design of your chosen option complements your home's architecture and blends well with your landscaping. A well-designed space can enhance your property's overall aesthetics – and its value should you decide to eventually sell your home.

large 3 season room

Thinking ahead, both options will require some maintenance, such as cleaning and refurbishment over time. Evaluate the long-term upkeep costs and whether you are willing to invest time and effort into maintaining the space.

Will A Screened Porch Or 3-Season Porch Add Value To My Home?

The state of the local Akron real estate market will influence how much value a screened porch or 3-season porch with a four-track window system can add to your home. In a seller's market where demand is high, desirable features like these custom outdoor living spaces may have a more significant impact on the property's value.

new custom 3 season room

When it comes to added value, quality is also key. The quality of the construction, materials used, and the overall design of the porch will play a crucial role in determining its impact on home value. A well-built and aesthetically pleasing screened porch or 3-season porch is likely to add more value than one that is poorly constructed or does not blend well with the existing home.

Also remember that if you choose a 3-season porch with good insulation and heating options, it may be more attractive to buyers as it can be used during cooler months, potentially increasing the value. 

3 season room with white interior

Statistics show that the return on investment of a screened porch or 3 season porch varies based on many different factors, but on average the return is typically 70% to 85%. The most important factor that affects your rate of return is the size.

Who Is The Local Akron Expert Builder For Screened Porches And 3 Season Rooms?

Archadeck is more than America’s #1 builder of screened porches and 3 season rooms. It is also the favorite custom outdoor living space designer and builder in Akron, Ohio.

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Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron.