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Caution: This Akron, OH, Front Porch Will Make You Want One, Too!

You’re looking at a front porch in Akron, OH, that will change the way you see front porches from now on. When you think of the traditional front porch, does it have steps? Does it have railings and pickets? Guess what? Archadeck of Akron wants you to know you can add a front porch to your home even if your front door is flush with the ground. No steps or railing required.

Custom front porch

Why You May Want a Front Porch

Custom front porch

It’s widely accepted that having a front porch will increase a home’s curb appeal. When you hear that phrase, you may think it only applies when you’re listing your home for sale. Curb appeal is more than a sales tool. Curb appeal is the way your home greets your neighbors, your friends and family, and you, every time you return home. Curb appeal is what your home would see if it could look in the mirror.

Adding a front porch to your home is a way to refresh its appearance, to give it a makeover. It’s one component of the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, which could also include your home’s façade and landscaping. Maybe last year you painted your front door and shutters a new color. This year, add a front porch!

Why You Need a Front Porch

Archadeck of Akron builds front porches that are attractive and practical. Does your home lack a front porch or portico, with little more than the eaves to keep you dry? Then you know what it’s like to stand at the door in the pouring rain, fumbling for your keys, while the mail you’re holding gets soaked. You know what it’s like to come home to delivered packages that have become waterlogged while you were out. Do you cringe and apologize when you open the door to welcome friends and see they forgot to carry an umbrella on a rainy day? You need a front porch to keep these things – and people – dry.

Custom front porch

Our clients who own the home you see here had an area of brick across the front of their home, basically a front patio. They loved sitting here outside and had outdoor furniture for that purpose. With no roof or cover, their furniture was unprotected and was hard to keep clean of dirt and debris. Pillows got wet. It became a chore to keep their outdoor sitting area usable. They needed a front porch to protect their leisure space.

A front porch actually protects more than furniture, packages, and people (and pets!). It protects your front door from fading in direct sunlight. If your home is level with the yard, like this one, a porch will protect the front of your home from splattering rain and dirt.

Archadeck of Akron Custom Designs Front Porches

Every porch we design is different, each one custom-designed to meet the homeowner’s needs, honor their preferences, and fit their budget. From size, shape, and materials, your new front porch won’t look just like this one, nor will it look like the porches of your neighbors. You are unique, so the porch we design for you will be uniquely yours. Have you recently purchased a home that doesn’t have a front porch? Adding a custom porch is a great way to put your own stamp on the home’s aesthetics!

Before and after front porch

Our clients for this porch project chose cedar for their new front porch. We used pressure treated posts with a cedar wrap. For the porch roof, they selected black aluminum. With a metal roof that matches the color of the shutters, this porch really pops!


If you grew up with a front porch, you know the special appeal of sitting out front where you can greet neighbors and visit. It was our grandparents’ favorite activity after chores were done. Let’s bring back front porch living!

Would a front porch keep your guests dry, give you a comfortable place to sit outdoors, and protect your outdoor furniture? Let Archadeck of Akron custom design a new porch to boost your home’s curb appeal. To get started, just call. You can contact Archadeck of Akron today at (330) 537-6412.

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Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron