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Custom Design Means Your 3-Season Room Can Be Anything You Want it to Be!

When you see the exterior of this beautifully rustic 3-season room addition in Louisville, OH, you have no idea what’s inside. Until you open the door and step in, you’ll get no clues about the style of this outdoor room’s interior. That’s by design.

Backyard three season room

Designing the Exterior: We Match Your Home’s Materials

Backyard three season room

The first thing you notice about the exterior of this three-season room is that it matches the home’s exterior perfectly. Archadeck of Akron makes the effort to design your outdoor room addition so it blends with your home and doesn’t look added on. The siding, the size and shape of the windows, and the roof all look as though they’re original to the home.

Designing the Interior: Your Personal Style Drives the Design

Three season room rustic interior

Inside, the mood and feel of this outdoor room are completely determined by the homeowners’ tastes and preferences. Here you see a room designed to reflect a rustic cabin or lodge, exactly what the clients wanted. How did we do it? Materials. It’s all determined by the materials we use in your outdoor room’s custom design.

You – the client – select your materials according to the style of outdoor room you want to enjoy. Each decision you make about the materials to finish your outdoor room – including the ceiling, walls, and flooring – takes you another step closer.

Three season room ceiling with fan and lighting

The rustic appeal of knotty pine is the overarching design element in this Louisville, OH, three-season room. The tongue-and-groove knotty pine ceiling is prominent. This theme continues with the wood between the windows and above the windows.

Stacked stone wall on cozy three season room

The wall of stacked stone between the 3-season room and the home’s interior confirms the rustic lodge setting. Montana, perhaps, or Idaho? The stacked stone adorns the low wall below the windows, too. Finally, the homeowners’ décor, their furniture, window valences, and accessories, complete the impression they’re on vacation in their favorite cabin in the woods.

Windows Make This a 3-Season Room

Three season room dining area

If the homeowners had wanted a screened porch, we would have completed the walls with screens. Instead, we used Pellas Encompass windows.

You Can’t Judge a 3-Season Room by its Exterior

What specific mood and feel would you like to convey in your outdoor room? Archadeck of Akron can make it happen by custom-designing an outdoor room with the materials you prefer. We could use a convertible screen and window system in a room with a tile floor and open rafters to create an entirely different kind of outdoor room. It would still be a 3-season room, but it would be your 3-season room, designed just for you to create the ambiance you want.

Three season room dining area

The range of custom designs we are able to build is quite extensive, from rustic and woodsy to modern and contemporary. Meanwhile, the exterior of your outdoor room, designed to match your home’s exterior, won’t give away what awaits inside.

Would a three-season room provide the relaxing “getaway” space you’ve been wanting? Let Archadeck of Akron work with you to custom design your ideal three-season room. To get started, just call. You can contact Archadeck of Akron today at (330) 537-6412.

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