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Premium Deck Builder Archadeck of Akron Looks at Saving You Money with Redecking

As you search for a custom deck builder, have you wondered … if this deck builder could save you money, would they? When your custom deck builder is Archadeck of Akron, the answer is Yes!

Consider Redecking to Save Money

Archadeck of Akron offers a money-saving alternative to deck replacement that many deck builders do not: redecking. Also called deck resurfacing, redecking is a great way to get an all-new deck surface, stairs and railing without paying for an entire new deck. If we determine redecking will work for your deck, we can save you some time and money. And while some people say “time is money,” we say time saved is more time to spend relaxing … on your newly-resurfaced deck.

We invite you to explore redecking:

  • What is redecking?
  • What decking board options do you have with redecking? (Hint: all of them!)
  • Why is redecking better than starting from scratch?
  • How can you tell if redecking will work for your deck?

What is Redecking?

Consider Redecking to Save MoneyIn redecking, your custom deck builder replaces the surface of your deck – along with stairs and railings – while leaving the old deck’s support structure intact. It’s not an option for every deck, so you can’t assume redecking will be an option for yours until we first examine your deck. The reason we may be able to re-use the deck’s existing support structure is because it has been protected from sun and weather. Wood used below the deck does not usually suffer the effects of nature the way a deck surface does.

When we redeck or resurface your deck, we remove your existing railings and stairs. Then we carefully remove the deck’s surface boards. All that’s left is the wooden substructure – footings, posts, beams, joists, all of the hidden elements that support the visible portions of a deck. Once the substructure is fully exposed, we reinforce it – if necessary – to use it again. Sometimes we need to add more joists. This is dependent on the age of your deck or whether it was up to code at the time it was built.

Consider Redecking to Save Money

In addition to replacing your deck boards, we also replace deck stairs and railings when we redeck. This is good for two reasons. First, it means we can relocate your deck stairs – but we don’t have to! If you liked the placement of your deck stairs all along, we don’t need to change it. But if moving them would improve traffic flow on your deck, or make access to the back yard more convenient, now is the chance. Next, replacing your railings gives you the opportunity to update the look of your deck. Today’s railing styles allow greater visibility into the yard with thinner balusters. And if you’ve always wanted a drink rail on your deck, now is the time to incorporate it into your deck design!

Your deck’s design includes your selection of materials for railings in addition to your deck’s new surface. Sometimes we find clients wondering whether they can mix different materials in their deck design when redecking. Not only is it perfectly alright to mix and match materials, doing so can update the look and feel of your deck when redecking. For example, redecking with wood does not mean you need to have wood railings, rail caps and balusters. Today’s wood decks pair well with aluminum balusters, and choosing a composite rail cap will guarantee you won’t encounter splinters in your railings.

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What Decking Board Options Do You Have with Redecking?

For redecking, you can choose composite or synthetic decking, pressure-treated wood or hardwoods. You have all of the same decking board options for redecking that you have when building a brand-new deck. Many of our clients replacing their wood decking specifically want to switch from wood to low-maintenance composites like TimberTech or synthetics like TimberTech AZEK.

Consider Redecking to Save Money

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This decision is completely up to you. If you’ve had a wood deck that became weathered and worn looking, you may be dreaming of finally having a low-maintenance deck. Composite and synthetic decks last longer than pressure-treated wood decks. They come in a wide selection of colors and look great for many years without the need for sanding, sealing and staining – ever.

If you have faithfully kept up with regular maintenance on a wood deck, you may be very glad to stop doing that. If you haven’t kept up with wood deck maintenance, you will definitely appreciate never again needing to think about it. In either of those situations, you will be happier with low-maintenance materials for your redeck. On the other hand, if you just love wood and don’t find regular wood deck maintenance a problem, then you should redeck with wood.

Why Is Redecking with Archadeck of Akron Better Than Starting from Scratch?

Getting straight to the point, redecking is better because it can save you, the homeowner, time and money. This is true whether you choose to redeck with low-maintenance composites/synthetics or with wood.

Consider Redecking to Save Money

How redecking saves time: we will complete a redecking project faster than a new deck because we don’t have to build the substructure. It’s already there. We will be in and out in less time. How redecking saves money: first, you’ll save in labor costs because we can complete the project more quickly. Second, you’ll save the cost of the wood that would have been needed to build a new substructure.

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You can choose to pocket those savings by replacing an old pressure-treated wood deck with new wood redecking. Or, you can invest those savings into an upgrade using low-maintenance composite or synthetic decking. Either way, you come out ahead when you redeck instead of demolishing your old deck and building an entirely new deck.

How Can You Tell if Redecking Will Work for Your Deck?

Unless you are a seasoned, professional deck builder, you will not be able to make this determination yourself. If you’re interested in saving time and money with redecking, we will visit your home and evaluate your deck’s substructure. We know what to look for. We need to make sure the deck’s support structure was built correctly to start with! We’ll look for water damage or any signs that the structure might not serve you well for the life span of a new deck surface. Finally, we’ll determine if changes to the building code will necessitate additional support for new decking.

Consider Redecking to Save Money

Will your deck be safe? Will bringing your deck’s original substructure up to code be cost-effective? When redecking is safe and cost-effective – and it often is – we will recommend it.

Are you thinking about replacing your aging deck? Let us determine whether your deck is a candidate for redecking. Contact Archadeck of Akron to get started.