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Tis The Season To Turn Your Outdoor Living Space Dreams Into A Reality With Archadeck Of Akron

Home improvements come in many shapes and sizes. And with the heat and rigors of summer now behind us, let’s look forward to that outdoor living space addition you’ve been thinking about for some time.

We can start with your deck.

patio outside of house

Home improvements come in many shapes and sizes. And with the heat and rigors of summer now behind us, let’s look forward to that outdoor living space addition you’ve been thinking about for some time.

We can start with your deck.

Have your deck’s many years of faithful service seen better days? Have you outgrown the size and design of the deck – or the materials it was originally created with?

Is it time to seriously think about reimaging it – possibly transforming it into a screened porch or 3 season room? Truth be told, there has never been a better time to do just that.

Is Your Home Interior Ready To Provide You And Your Family With The Functional Needs And Wants That You Are Missing?

After living through the COVID pandemic, many of us have realized the limitation of our homes. With everyone in quarantine, did you find yourself dearly wishing for some privacy in just one part of your home? Many of us did.

coffee on patio outside

Reinventing and transforming your existing deck into a multi-functional outdoor living combination space can be just the ticket. And as we build year round, choosing a fall/winter time frame will have much less impact on your turf and your lifestyle.

A Screened Porch Could Be The Perfect Start To Your Complete Outdoor Living Remodel

Transitioning your deck into much more than just a deck and into a screened porch is easy with Archadeck. Depending on its substructure, we can keep the bones and retrofit new areas for you to enjoy year round.

screen in deck

If it has seen better days, we can remove it and rebuild from scratch. This would be your golden opportunity to increase the deck foundation footprint and address the design of new areas for greater functionality adding greater value than you possibly ever imagined.

For instance, how about that new office space? What about that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming about after watching way too much HGTV and Yard Crashers? Or what about that combination outdoor living room with an outdoor dining table made even more complete with a custom fireplace or fire feature?

Akron outdoor patio and grill area

With Archadeck, we can make it all happen.

Ensure Year Round Outdoor Living Comfort By Going One Step Further With A 3 Season Room

Now that we have stimulated your design and functionality imagination, how about making that revamped deck even more livable by enclosing it to protect it from cooler autumn and winter days?

Backyard of house and patio

A recent Akron client asked us to reimagine their backyard with a versatile 3-season room that steps out onto a user-friendly bi-level deck. Having the luxury of a protected space combined with an open space, such as a deck, allows these homeowners to enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round, rain or shine.

Sometimes after careful forethought, a client concludes that it will take more than one kind of structure to meet their family’s outdoor living needs. That’s when a combination outdoor space makes the most sense.

deck outside

When the weather is delightful, not too hot, not too cool, a deck is idyllic. Sitting outdoors in an uncovered space, feeling the breeze and the sun’s warmth, watching bees and butterflies and hearing the sounds of nature … that is bliss.

Custom room editions

When it’s a little too warm outside, you may prefer a roof’s protection from the sun’s rays without being cooped up indoors. That’s when you need a screened porch – preferably with a ceiling fan. When it’s raining, a roof will keep you dry while porch screens allow you to see and smell the pleasure of rain. When it’s cool enough to close the windows, that’s when a 3-season room lets you turn your “porch” into a protected space to keep out the cold. The only limitations to what we can build for you is your imagination. Archadeck loves to make it all happen to improve your daily and leisure life.

The Science Of Luxurious Outdoor Living Options Awaits A Personal Visit With You

To help you imagine what could be, please accept our invitation for a complimentary design and functional use consultation. In fact, you can actually connect with us right here – right now – and do just that.

We look forward to meeting you and exploring outdoor living options for your future enjoyment ahead.

Patrick Sluss Owner

Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron.