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Archadeck of Akron Redecking – Think of it as Corrective Plastic Surgery for Your Deck!

As we grow older, a little nip here and a little tuck there may be just what the doctor ordered to keep looking our best.

Redecking your Medina OH deck to low maintenance.

The same is true for aging decks. Once beautiful when they were first created, sometimes Mother Nature may not have been too kind. You know, those harsh winters, only to be followed by the pollen onslaught of spring, preceding the dog days of summer. What’s an outdoor living space to do?

Well, if it’s smart, it will have its homeowners contact Archadeck of Akron for a free consultation to get a new life with redecking.

Redecking your Medina OH deck to low maintenance.

Medina deck before Archadeck completed the redecking.

With redecking, we usually start by keeping the bones of the original deck to maintain the same footprint, when desired. In the case of this Medina OH area deck, the original pressure treated deck foundation was way past its prime. So, the solution was to take advantage of new outdoor living materials technology and replace that old pressure treated deck with brand, spanking new composite decking by TimberTech in Silver Maple.

This new deck revitalization choice of TimberTech low maintenance decking was a godsend. A quick spritz of the backyard garden hose is usually all it takes to make it look like new again.

Redecking your Medina OH deck to low maintenance.

As this homeowner family loved entertaining on their redecked outdoor living space, Archadeck added a drink rail. A perfect place for you and your outdoor guests to sit cool summertime beverages or give your mobile phones a rest, drink rails are becoming the hottest deck “must have” feature of 2021.

Redecking your Medina OH deck to low maintenance.

With vinyl homes it is usually easier to match the decking color but with a brick home like this one, it can become more cumbersome. Red brick is especially difficult sometimes, but this TimberTech gray decking is a GREAT choice! And to beautifully accentuate the project, Archadeck of Akron also added the stone columns, and the post beam wraps.

Redecking your Medina OH deck to low maintenance.

And leaving no proverbial stone unturned, Archadeck of Akron also prepped the area for the eventual (future addition) of an under deck system so it will function as a weatherproof impromptu covered porch – a great, forward-thinking idea. We call that result a rain deck, as rainfall cannot enter the area from the protected top of the area.

So, when it comes to stress-free, low maintenance outdoor living, trust this outdoor living designer and craftsman to deliver the best of all possible worlds.

It’s as simple as clicking right here to start a conversation. We look forward to chatting with you and finding out what time would be convenient for a no-obligation consultation at your home.