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Will a Deck or Patio Add Value to my Akron Home?

When people begin to consider how and what to add to their home to enhance their outdoor living experience, they are often overwhelmed by questions. Should I add a patio? A deck? What materials should I use? When should I have it built? How long will it last? All of these thoughts are very important, and they all feed into another important question: Will a deck or patio add value to my home? This is a hugely significant consideration to make, and the short answer is, “Yes!”

Will a deck or patio addition add value to my Akron home?

How a Deck or Patio Increases Home Value

  1. A key to ensuring you get a return on your deck or patio project is the resiliency of your structure. Simply put, if your home addition is well built and composed of high quality materials, its long-lasting attributes will translate to a significant return on your investment should you decide to sell your property. After all, who wants to purchase a home that has a deck requiring heavy maintenance or even removal?
  1. Another benefit that an outdoor space addition delivers is emotional value. This concept is based on the value you designate to the convenience and enjoyment you derive from spending time on your deck or patio. There is no established way to quantify emotional value in real estate. How can you possibly put a dollar sign on the priceless memories you will make with friends and family on your custom backyard deck? You can’t buy happiness, but you can certainly develop an environment where happy memories are made with those closest to you!

Will a deck or patio addition add value to my Akron home?

  1. A third benefit of building a patio or deck is improved standing in a competitive housing market. Selling a home can be incredibly difficult, competition is fierce, so it is important that you set your property apart from the rest of the crowd. An outdoor living space automatically places you in a different category from the rest -- outdoor spaces are in high demand -- and will not only allow you to sell quicker, but also create a high return on investment (ROI).

Should I Choose Wood or Composite to Build My deck?

At Archadeck of Akron, we have an impressive array of wood and composite building materials, but the answer to this question is basically, “Whatever you prefer!” If you factor in ROI, wooden decks typically have a higher return, but this is mostly a result of wood costing less than composite. In contrast, composite, such as TimberTech and AZEK, costs more, but they last longer than wood and don’t require intensive maintenance to improve longevity.

Will a deck or patio addition add value to my Akron home?

Every material has its costs and benefits, and the choice is simply a matter of preference. If you are building a patio, Archadeck of Akron has both stain-and-stamp concrete and pavers, but the difference here comes down to your preferred aesthetic. Often, our customers choose to combine their deck and patio design to create a highly versatile space that utilizes a mix of these materials. The artistic flare you can create with this combination means your imagination is the limit!

Will a deck or patio addition add value to my Akron home?

Fortunately, Archadeck of Akron has the industry experience to understand what will work best for you. We are also the Akron area’s single source deck and patio builder ensuring your singular or combination project is handled by our professional as one. Our complimentary design consultation will help you come to a decision that makes the most sense for you and your family.

Interested in learning more about building a deck, patio or a deck and patio combination? Contact Archadeck of Akron – we are the Akron area’s most trusted deck and patio builder. We are excited to hear from you and are ready to help you make an investment in your home and happiness!

Patrick Sluss

Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron.