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Will my deck [or porch or patio] be perfect?

With natural materials like wood, and man-made materials placed in an outdoor setting, the straight-up truth is that no outdoor structure will be 100% perfect. So, what does that mean for you, the homeowner? When you hire a contractor to design and build your new deck, porch or patio, you want the best product possible. You expect to enjoy it for years. What steps can you take to ensure this outcome? You certainly can’t control Mother Nature. Then, human beings are responsible for each step of the manufacturing, supply chain and construction process, and people are not perfect. What can you, the homeowner, do to make sure your outdoor living project is as close to perfect as it can be?Will my deck be perfect

Answer: (1) Hire an experienced, professional outdoor living contractor with excellent references, and make sure your contractor provides warranties. (2) If you choose composite or PVC decking materials for your project, hire a contractor who is trained and qualified to work with those materials. (3) To satisfy points 1 and 2 above, in the Northeast Ohio area – hire Archadeck of Akron.

With more of our clients at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, many are present during the construction process. As we build that deck and patio combination, or Screeneze porch, they see us work, and this leads to higher expectations, even on a day-to-day basis. They expect perfection, however, that is not realistic. In the construction business, nothing is going to be perfect.

Archadeck of Akron Adheres to Rigorous Construction Standards

All Archadeck locations follow detailed processes designed to ensure we meet our own exacting standards. Our work always meets – and often exceeds – building code. We don’t take shortcuts to save time or money, and our attention to detail will be evident from our first meeting. We are experienced, qualified and professional in the way we conduct business. Testimonials from previous clients can tell you a lot. “If you’re looking for transparent, hard-working people who are diligent about producing a great result, this is the team to engage.” (Katleen S.)

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No Other Outdoor Living Builder Can Match Archadeck’s Warranties

If you’re not familiar with Archadeck’s warranties, please let us know if you have any questions about them. Many homeowners don’t realize an outdoor living contractor can offer warranties. We can, and we do, and you will not get warranties like these from our competitors. We know a new screened porch is an investment, and our warranties help you protect that investment. Warranties give you peace of mind.Akron in deck and patio ideas

Archadeck of Akron provides two different warranties on each project we design and build. First, we have a 1-year warranty on workmanship. What we refer to as workmanship includes defects such as severe splitting, severe warping/cupping of building materials, leaking roofs or patio pavers shifting. Second, we have a 5-year warranty covering structural integrity. This specifically applies to the structural fitness of footings, paver patio base material, columns, beams, joists, rafters, stair stringers, railing posts and rails. We also include a completion guarantee assuring that if we are unable to complete your project, another Archadeck location would complete it per your contract. What other Akron outdoor living builder can make a promise like that?

At Archadeck of Akron, We Use Top-Quality Materials

We source all of the materials we use from high-quality suppliers. Nevertheless, when we build your deck with pressure-treated wood, not every board will be perfect. That’s the nature of working with wood. Lumber companies grade their wood, and we purchase higher-grade boards for the projects we build. Expansion and contraction of boards is very normal, and there may be cracks or knots. We will not use a board that isn’t structurally sound.

At Archadeck of Akron We Use Top Quality Materials deck or porch or patio

Even composite or PVC decking can have minor flaws or color variations. Composite decking will expand and contract, too. Nothing is perfect. The manufacturer of your low-maintenance decking backs their products with their own warranties. The same is true for patio and hardscape pavers. We can direct you to the applicable manufacturer’s warranty for your project so you will know what potential defects are covered. With all outdoor projects the materials are going to move some over the course of the year. This occurs from the temperature change and humidity change.

Archadeck Will Not Void Your Manufacturer’s Warranties

When you take a chance on an unproven contractor for your deck, porch or patio, you risk having your manufacturer’s warranty voided. That could be a costly mistake. At Archadeck of Akron, we have had applicable training and follow each manufacturers’ installation guidelines for composite and PVC boards. The same is true for pavers. If your pavers or composite/synthetic decking boards are defective, and it turns out they were not installed properly, the manufacturer’s warranties are voided.

Even Construction Timelines are Not Perfect

The worst enemy of construction timelines for any outdoor living project is weather. The second worst is materials shortages. We have seen more supply chain issues during the pandemic than ever before. While we plan our construction timelines with contingencies in mind, we hope clients understand when we encounter delays beyond our control.

Archadeck of Akron we will do a fantastic job designing and building the outdoor living space of your dreams

So, yes, at Archadeck of Akron we will do a fantastic job designing and building the outdoor living space of your dreams. And yet, dealing with natural materials like wood, and any material exposed to outdoor elements, nothing is perfect. This year more than ever it seems like clients expectations are higher than they use to be. We have also found that customers who are new to hiring a contractor do not understand that construction is completely different than any other good or service we are accustomed to purchasing. With construction perfection just isn't possible. By selecting a proven, reputable builder like Archadeck, you can get closer to perfection than you otherwise might.

Would a new deck, porch, or 3-season room give you more ways to enjoy the outdoors at home? We would love to design and build that new outdoor living space for you. Don’t wait! Contact Archadeck of Akron today to schedule a design consultation for your new outdoor living space.

Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron.