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Why The Archadeck Difference Should Matter to You

If you’re a homeowner who hasn’t put “the Archadeck difference” to work for you, then you may not know what you’re missing. It’s a phrase we use a lot around here because we take it seriously. Far too many homeowners in the Akron area, in Ohio, and around the country have had bad experiences with contractors. We work hard every day to make sure we stand out from that crowd.

Family enjoying fire pit on patio

Archadeck of Akron has earned a stellar reputation for professionalism and top-quality work in the outdoor living construction business – as have all Archadeck locations. That’s why we call your experience with us “the Archadeck difference.” We demonstrate that difference with every deck, porch, and patio we design and build.

If you’re a homeowner and haven’t had a bad experience with a contractor, count your blessings. It’s something you never forget when you suffer financially by paying someone for work that is not performed, not performed timely, or not performed correctly. In many cases, you then have to pay another contractor to complete or redo the work.

“Remodelers Rank Second in Consumer Complaints” – What?! reports that the home improvement industry is one of the worst when it comes to consumer complaints. The only industry U.S. consumers complained about more in 2018 was the auto industry, according to the annual survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America.

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While the home improvement industry ranked 2nd in terms of the number of consumer complaints last year, it took top position for worst complaints. That’s because of financial damage incurred, disruption to lives – when a client’s home is rendered unlivable – and emotional distress.

Look on the Bright Side: You Have Archadeck of Akron!

The Archadeck difference is at your disposal when you trust Archadeck of Akron with your outdoor living project. If you’ve worked with other home improvement contractors, you’ll notice the difference right away in the thoughtful consideration we give to every inquiry we receive. You might be shocked at how often potential clients tell us they are surprised how promptly and professionally we responded to their email or phone call. We do it because it’s the right thing to do. Often we forget that not everyone works this way.

Respectful and timely communication is only the beginning of the Archadeck difference. The difference is evident in every aspect of our business, from the care we put into planning to the exceptional quality of our work.

The Value of a Checklist: Part of The Archadeck of Akron Difference

We have more than one checklist on every outdoor living project we design and build. If you’re not a huge fan of checklists, you may think they’re just one more form of paperwork. Not around here at Archadeck of Akron! The checklists hold us to a higher standard; remind us not to skip steps, and keep our “processes” front and center. Our processes – yes, more than one – keep us on track, organized, and conscientious. Not only do our processes improve our efficiency and keep your job site safe, neat, and tidy, they also reduce the potential for construction delays.

Archadeck® Contract Selection Checklist

  1. Integrity & respect in all our relationships ✓

  2. Written specifications, agreement & warranty ✓

  3. Warranty ̶12-mo. workmanship & 60-mo. structural ✓

  4. National guarantee of job completion & warranty ✓

  5. Experienced / polite / skilled carpenters & staff ✓

  6. Background checks on all employees ✓

  7. Permit application & inspections ✓

  8. Exact price for project, no estimates ✓

  9. Balanced & fair payment plan ✓

  10. $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance ✓

  11. Workers Compensation Insurance for all workers ✓

  12. Award-winning designs ✓

The checklist you see here is one you might use to interview us and any other contractor you are thinking about working with. Can any other builder match us point for point on this checklist? If you look closely at each item, the answer is, “No, they cannot.”

Take #8, for example, “Exact price for project, no estimates.” Archadeck of Akron does not give estimates. Our process starts with a design consultation, a needs analysis, and a thorough site survey. We will design your project and identify the materials you want in order to arrive at a specific quote for your job. Not an estimate. And we do this before you have signed a contract or made a payment.

Warranty years

Insurance and Warranties are More than Just Fine Print

Items 10 and 11 on this checklist go hand-in-hand: General liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Do not assume every contractor carries adequate insurance. It is essential that if a builder does not offer that information, you must ask for it. Archadeck will provide you with our insurance information before you have to ask for it.

Numbers 2, 3, and 4 may look like three ways of saying the same thing, but they aren’t. #2 means our job specs, our contract with you, and our warranty are all in writing. #3 tells you your project will be covered by a 5-year structural warranty and a 1-year warranty covering workmanship. #4 says we guarantee your project will be completed no matter what. If for some reason Archadeck of Akron were to go out of business, the Archadeck corporate office would send another Archadeck builder to finish the project. Guaranteed in writing. How awesome is that? Every time a contractor is hired it is like gambling for a homeowner. With Archadeck the hand is stacked in your favor.

Are Craftsmanship and High-quality Work Important to You?

Our previous clients will tell you that the quality of our work is what has meant the most to them. You can read our customer reviews on our website’s home page; scroll down until you see the section titled, “Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance.” We’re also happy to provide references if you want to speak with past clients.

Patio with lounge area and custom hot tub deck

The quality of our work, our attention to detail, and our ability to customize an outdoor living design specifically for your home are part of the Archadeck difference. We follow strict safety standards, and we meet or exceed all applicable building codes.

Are you interested in working with a top-notch company to create the outdoor living space of your dreams? Let Archadeck of Akron work with you to design the deck, screened porch, three-season room or hardscapes you’ve always wanted. To get started, just call. You can contact Archadeck of Akron today at (330) 537-6412.

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Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron