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Archadeck of Akron Deck Makeover in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

How do you know when your deck needs a makeover? That term, makeover, could mean many things. If you’re talking about makeup, hairstyle, and fashion, then a makeover refers to the whole nine yards! (Or so they tell me … ) If you’re talking about a deck, a makeover could encompass the deck’s surface material, the color, the railings or stairs … and beyond.

Backyard wood deck with white railing

A deck makeover, ideally, means improving everything you don’t like about your deck. Akron deck builder Archadeck of Akron has heard our share of complaints when clients talk about replacing an old deck.

Do you grumble every time you try to set your beverage on the deck railing, because the railing cap is rounded on top? That’s something to address with your deck makeover. Do you wish your deck stairs were built on the left side of the deck, instead of the right? Deck makeover! Do your railing pickets look old and bulky compared to today’s ultra-thin balusters or cable railing?

Backyard wood deck with white railing

The project pictured here is a perfect example of a deck makeover in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Like many homeowners, these clients requested a deck makeover because their wood deck had reached the end of its useful life. Is your wood deck so worn and faded that no amount of sanding and staining will bring it back? If the deck cannot be resuscitated, it needs to be replaced. It’s time to talk with deck builder Archadeck of Akron about what you want in a new deck.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Deck Makeover

The best deck makeover is one that achieves your ideal outdoor living space. If you could change anything about your deck, what would it be? Now is the time to collect those ideas:

  • Do you want another wood deck, or are you ready to join the low-maintenance lifestyle with a composite or synthetic deck surface?
  • Do you like the railing style you have, or is it time for a change? Railing style is one of the most obvious ways to update the look of your deck.
  • Would you enjoy having a “drink rail” – a flat rail cap that’s wide enough to hold cups, glasses, and bottles?
  • Is your deck large enough, or would expanding it with additional square footage to make your deck more functional?
  • Do you like the stair placement on your deck, or would moving the stairs make them more convenient?
  • Would you be interested in adding a pergola over the deck for shade and/or for a place to hang ceiling fans and lighting?
  • Would built-in deck lighting on the stair risers and along the railing make your deck more functional?

Of course, this list is not exhaustive! Let these questions serve as your starting point if you choose to conduct your own research. If you’re replacing an older deck, the industry has seen quite a few design improvements over the years that you might not be aware of. We have more “bells and whistles” we can add to a deck these days. We’ll be happy to show you some of the newer deck design possibilities when we meet with you for your no-obligation Archadeck design consultation.

Does Redecking or Resurfacing Count as a Deck Makeover?

Absolutely, it does! Redecking, also called resurfacing, is one of the more cost-effective ways to give your deck a brand new look. Archadeck of Akron does quite a few redecking projects. When we replace the deck surface, stairs, and railings, but leave the original support structure intact, that’s called redecking or resurfacing. Redecking saves money because you don’t have to pay for new materials to hold the deck up, nor do you pay for labor to rebuild the substructure.

Backyard wood deck with white railing

The caveat about redecking is that not all decks are candidates for redecking. Before we can commit to redecking at your home, we would need to examine the support structure under your current deck. If it’s still sturdy enough, or can meet today’s building codes with reasonable measures, you’re in luck; redecking will lower your costs.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Homeowners Choose Redecking – and More!

Backyard wood deck with white railing

The deck you see here represents a deck makeover that combines redecking with several of the options listed among the questions above: low-maintenance materials, expansion, and new railings.

  • Low-maintenance decking

These homeowners were ready to make the switch to low-maintenance synthetic decking. They chose Cypress-color capped polymer decking boards from AZEK’s Vintage Collection. For the fascia board just under the deck surface, along the outer edge, they selected the Acacia color from AZEK’s Arbor Collection.

  • Deck expansion

Our clients needed a bigger deck. Regardless of the reason, when you need more space, you just need more space. Whether you’re entertaining more guests outdoors or you want distinct spaces for dining and lounging, for example, additional square footage can make a huge difference. Having more space on a deck simply makes it more functional.

  • Updated railings

The beautiful white railings you see here are aluminum railings from Preferred Aluminum Railing. Today’s pickets are thinner than older railing styles, allowing more visibility. An added bonus: aluminum railings qualify as low-maintenance materials because, like composite or synthetic decking, they won’t need to be sanded and painted.

Is your deck ready for a makeover? Let Archadeck of Akron work with you to design the deck you’ve always wanted. To get started, just call. You can contact Archadeck of Akron today at (330) 537-6412.

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