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Act Now to Have Your Outdoor Living Project Completed in 2020!

If you had the chance to jump to the front of the line, would you take it? Thinking about adding a new outdoor living structure to your home this year? Akron-area homeowners who think fast and take action quickly (meaning now) will have the advantage.

Deck and patio with outdoor kitchen and fire pit

Will you be among the homeowners having Archadeck of Akron design and build their outdoor living projects this year? Will you be able to enjoy that new screened porch and low-maintenance deck combination while the 2020 outdoor living season is still around? If that’s what you want, it’s time to move forward with those plans, because spring and summer are not going to wait for you. If you’ve been waiting for a better time, that better time is now.

We suspect that while you’ve been staying home more than usual lately, your need for a comfortable, pleasant outdoor living space has grown. Is that true? Have you become increasingly aware of how much more you could enjoy the outdoors at home if you added that deck and patio you’ve been dreaming about?

Year 2020

Akron, OH, area homeowners who continue to watch and wait for the economy to pick up again will miss out in 2020. Those who don’t give us a call very soon may not see their project built this year. You could select another builder, perhaps, but … you value Archadeck’s creative designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Will you still keep your plans on hold, even if it means having your project built in 2021 instead of this year?

Connect with Archadeck Now to See Your Project Completed This Year

This is our current reality. As the economy has slowed, homeowners have been postponing the outdoor living projects they had planned for 2020. Those who hesitate, and continue to postpone, will find themselves waiting for a spot on our construction calendar as the year progresses.

At some point soon, homeowners will realize the year is half over and they haven’t contracted with a builder yet! The patio, screened porch, or deck they thought they’d already have by this summer will still be just an idea.

Cozy screened porch

Hesitation is understandable as people try to read the tea leaves to see where the economy is heading. But when things shift, and they will, we’re expecting pent up demand to create a huge backlog of work for us. So we’re reaching out to you, now, to offer you a place at the front of the line. You can get on our construction calendar for 2020 if you act now. If you wait until May/June, or until the threat of coronavirus has eased off, you may be too late for a 2020 build.

How Can Archadeck of Akron Help You Get Started?

  • Set up a design consultation ASAP. It’s free, and it starts the wheels turning. You cannot make progress until you start talking with us about the ideas you have for creating your backyard retreat. Let’s start the ball rolling.
  • Consider financing the deck, porch, or patio you want if that will help you make your outdoor project a reality in 2020.

Virtual consultation

Keep in mind that it takes time to create and finalize your project design and order materials. We need to allow time for Archadeck’s draftsmen to create the building plans. It’s possible we’ll need to obtain building permits and HOA approval, depending on the scope of your project. Getting started with a design consultation now is the first step in laying the groundwork. Starting now increases that chances that your project will be completed in time for you to enjoy it this year.

Let Archadeck of Akron help you plan the outdoor living structure you want to build in 2020. We can schedule a “virtual design consultation” using video-conferencing technology. To get started, just call. You can contact Archadeck of Akron today at (330) 537-6412.

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Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron