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Akron Outdoor Living Combination Space Exudes Multi-Seasonal Enjoyment

One of the great things about Archadeck of Akron is that client wishes comes true each and every day. This trifecta project of a patio and 3 season room that doubles as a mudroom space is a perfect example.

It’s A 3 Season Room, A Mudroom And A New Concrete Patio To Boot

Dream big. Wish big. And leave it to Archadeck Outdoor Living to make it all happen – in efficient, beautiful style. Here is what the space looked like prior to Archadeck of Akron completing the project:


This Akron custom outdoor living combination space is truly multi-functional. Designed and built to enjoy the best of every season, this outdoor living room has plenty of room for the family to relax and enjoy leisure time on an overstuffed leather sofa and comfortable swivel arms chairs.

The surprise is that this room also functions as a mudroom for the family with two convenient drop zones with plenty of storage. Each unit painted in white features a top open shelf for handy access to items needed on occasion. Below that, there is a generous width of hanging space for outdoor jackets, sweatshirts and more. At the base of each unit rests 6 deep-seated cubby holes for instant access to footwear for any and all seasons.

The wide platform above the cubbies also serves as an easily accessible place to sit while getting dressed and putting on whatever appropriate footwear that day’s weather calls for.

Let The Sunshine In With Roofline Skylights And Transom Windows

Energy efficient, two large Velux ceiling skylights provide ample natural illumination by day. Nestled between them is a large overhead fan to provide breezy, cooling comfort when needed.

After sunset, more illumination is provided via a series of four interior recessed ceiling can lights to make this 3 season room practical and useful any time of the day – or night.

The architecture of the gable roof allows for excellent facilitation of exterior rainwater, when needed; and it creates the perfect pitch for the triangular transom window.

Speaking of windows, while the family enjoys the space from the protected interior space, wonderful views of their backyard landscape and gardens are easily enjoyed via four energy-efficient Pella windows.

Quality Outdoor Building Materials With A Nod To Carefree Lower Maintenance

Knowing that the interior of this 3 season room will house a lot of interior traffic from the outdoors, we wanted a material that looks great but is also easy to clean. Our solution was Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring that features the look of ceramic tile.

A popular choice for 3 season room and sunroom interior floors, LVP flooring is great for many reasons including durability, moisture resistance and of course, aesthetics!

Sustainable AZEK Decking And Railing

The exterior entry and exit off the 3-season room was built using White AZEK railing along with Kona decking on the steps, also a synthetic PVC outdoor building material.

AZEK decking and rail products are manufactured to withstand the rigors of any outdoor season and beautifully perform all year long.

The Outdoor Patio Sets The Stage For Outdoor Seating And Easy Access

As you can see, the inside of this combination outdoor living space isn’t the only thing that gets great looks. The exterior pathway to the room was fashioned out of stain and stamp concrete to create a dual function patio space. The contrasting border adds a terrific aesthetic touch while providing good visibility of where the patio meets the backyard lawn.

Please Accept Our Invitation To Discuss Your Outdoor Living Future

A professional and thoughtful complimentary outdoor living space design consultation can be scheduled by calling us at 330-537-6412. Even easier, just click right here to connect with us to set a date and time.

Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron.