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Porch Season Has No Beginning And Has No End – Here’s Why

Now here is the good news. You can enjoy your Akron, Ohio, covered porch, covered patio, screened porch, 3 season room or sunroom whenever you want to – no questions asked.

Even though a porch is perfect for year-round outdoor living enjoyment, the desire for each type of porch increases during specific times of the year – and this is why planning ahead is important in ensuring your preferred custom porch is on our schedule – so get crackin’.


Covered Porches, Open Porches And Covered Patios Extend Outdoor Living Moments Throughout The Greater Akron Area


With a roof or shade cover overhead, covered porches, open porches and covered patios make a great escape from pop-up summer showers and the heat of the midday sun. When the sun is highest in the sky, a covered porch or patio aided by the comfort and convenience of a ceiling fan – or two – is the perfect answer to outdoor fresh air enjoyment without discomfort. It’s outdoor living at its finest, especially as part of an expansive outdoor living combination space.

Most likely, it is no surprise that our Archadeck design and build team gets more requests for porches as the summer season temperatures ramp up.


Whether as a singular addition or as part of an outdoor living combination that includes a patio, deck or more, a covered porch is the perfect shade solution.


Screened Porches Keep The Bad Stuff Out And The Good Stuff In


With summer, comes all the nuisance bugs! You know the drill. Mosquitoes, Bees and Wasps, Flies, Carpenter Ants, Beetles, June Bugs, Dragonflies, Damselflies, Stink Bugs, Gnats, Sandflies, Midges, and the kiss of death – Ticks that somehow manage to find their way into your open space.

You can stop the spring and summer insanity with a screened porch – with solid protection on every side and overhead – custom built and flawlessly constructed by Archadeck Outdoor Living.


It happens, year after year, after year; screened porch requests ramp up as soon as the Mosquitoes make their debut. Screened porches protect you from more than just "what's bugging you." They also offer some protection from allergens and also keep your outdoor relaxation space cleaner as they keep out leaves and other debris.


3 Season Rooms – The Proverbial “Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too” Outdoor Living Solution


We get you. You feel that you deserve it all – and we don’t blame you.


If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, an Archadeck 3-season porch functions as a screened porch OR an outdoor room with a 4-track window system. It’s the ultimate solution to ensure that it keeps more of what is bugging you outside – where it belongs, and at a fraction of the investment of a full-on sunroom addition.

The appeal of a 3-season room in the Akron area is that it provides an additional level of protection from those elements when compared to a screened porch. Akron 3-season rooms really do seem like the best of both worlds.


In building a three-season room, we can use standard windows or a convertible 4-track window system called Eze-Breeze. You can have as many windows as you’d like, and they’ll have screens, too. The benefit of this convertible window system is that you can slide window panels around so at any given moment, three out of four window panels can be opened to the screened fresh air.

This system allows substantial air flow and offers a mostly unobstructed view whether you’re looking out through the windows or the screens. What’s more, you can actually remove all of the window panels completely and store them for part of the year, allowing 100% airflow, if you wish. It’s easy. And when it starts getting chilly outside, just close all the window panels as a defense against cooler temperatures and still enjoy a great view. What’s really good to know is that a 3-season room is not much more of an investment than a screened porch, so if this scenario appeals to you, we suggest that your seriously consider it.


Looking For MORE? An Archadeck Custom Sunroom Could Be The Perfect Home Improvement Solution


We like to call this outdoor living option “The Big Kahuna” – and for good reason. It’s a significant addition to your home.


This ultimate outdoor room offers it all. Not only does it serve as an outdoor living room, but it also serves as an additional heated and air conditioned living space for your home. It can be enjoyed during any season and also adds tremendous value to your home should you ever decide to sell.

To get a more accurate assessment of the potential value increase, we suggest consulting with a local real estate agent or appraiser who has experience in the Akron, Ohio, area. They can provide a more precise evaluation based on market conditions and specific details of your home and sunroom addition.


Adding an Archadeck sunroom increases the total square footage of your home, which can contribute positively to its value.


Of note is that sunrooms can provide additional functional space that appeals to many buyers. They can serve as a versatile area for relaxation, entertainment, or as a transitional space between indoor and outdoor living. The desirability of this extra space can positively impact a home's value.

And when it comes to natural light and views, sunrooms typically feature large windows or glass panels, allowing ample natural light to enter the space and offering pleasant views of the surroundings. These features can enhance the overall appeal of a home, potentially attracting buyers and increasing its value.

If your sunroom is designed with energy-efficient features such as insulated windows, proper insulation, and climate control options, it may be seen as an extremely valuable addition. Energy efficiency is increasingly important to homebuyers, and such features can positively impact the value of a sunroom and the overall home.


Ready? Set? Go Improve – With Archadeck Outdoor Living


The best way to start is with a personalized design consultation – and scheduling it is a breeze. Call us at 330-537-6412; or click this Contact Us link right here. It’s that easy.

Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron.