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Archadeck Enhances Enjoyment of Lakeside Deck in Portage Lakes, OH

Ahhh, lakefront living, the good life—and double that if you have a deck overlooking the lake—but what do you do for shade? Archadeck of Akron has the answer.

Porch ceiling and lake view

Our clients have a lakefront deck in Portage Lakes, OH, with a large tree nearby that provided intermittent shade. That’s not nearly enough shade, though! The sun moves, the tree branches sway, and while it looked idyllic, the homeowners found their lakefront deck too hot under the summer sun. Nor did the tree provide protection in rainy weather.

A Simple Shade Solution for this Portage Lakes Deck

Fighting the sun can sap your enjoyment of a deck, and staying indoors ruins it altogether. Archadeck of Akron had the answer for these clients, and it was as simple as a roof. Can you put a roof over a deck? Sure you can, and it’s not as unusual as you might think.

Deck and porch

A roof structure over a deck makes perfect sense in Portage Lakes—or anywhere you have a deck that gets too much sun. If you want to enjoy your deck more often, add shade! Not only will you beat the sun, a roof will allow you to use the deck even when it’s rainy outdoors.

Roof Structure is Budget-Friendly; Guaranteed Shade, Priceless

While Archadeck of Akron is the premier custom deck builder in Portage Lakes and the entire Akron area, these clients already had a great deck. We were there to bring shade—reliable, guaranteed, dependable shade—and protection from inclement weather.

Porch ceiling

The roof we added over this lakefront deck is a real roof. It’s tied into their existing roof, and it’s as solid and dependable as the roof on their home. This deck’s gable roof is supported by top-quality posts and beams. We built the interior, the ceiling, with v-groove pressure-treated pine. The roof features exposed rafters as well as soffits and gutters matching the home. It offers the ultimate protection from both sun and rain so the family can enjoy their lakefront deck much more often.

Deck and porch with lake view

Never again will these Portage Lakes homeowners gaze up at their deck-side tree and wish for more shade or protection from rain. Thanks to Archadeck of Akron’s custom design and quality construction, their deck has all the overhead protection they could need.

Do you need a shade structure, covered deck, or covered porch? Let Archadeck of Akron design the perfect structure to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors at your home. To get started, just call. You can contact Archadeck of Akron today at (330) 537-6412.

Patrick Sluss, Owner Archadeck Of Akron
Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron