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May Is Deck Safety Month, But It’s Significance Rings True Throughout The Entire Year Here In Akron

Keeping yourself, your family and your guests safe while enjoying your deck and combination outdoor living space and safe from potential harm is more than caring about everyone’s behavior while out there.

Although that’s important, the deck experts at Archadeck of Akron want you to know how critical it is that your deck is structurally safe.

Here’s how you can ensure that it is.

Be Aware Of These Warning Signs That Your Current Deck May No Longer Be Safe

Let’s start from the bottom up, especially with May being National Deck Safety Month. Check your deck’s foundational structure, being sure to check footings and your deck posts. Is there settling and shifting?

Up above, on the deck itself, check for sagging and bowing as those are warning signs of a possibly weakened deck – or deck building materials that are starting to fall apart.

Other danger signs include loose deck connections, rotting wood, cracks, splinters, noticeable gaps between your deck boards, and deck hardware that is covered in rust.

Your Future Deck Safety Here In Akron May Necessitate Redecking Or A New Deck

Don’t leave Akron Deck Safety to chance. If you are feeling uncertain about how structurally sound and safe your deck is, call the deck experts at Archadeck for a complimentary consultation to help you determine if you need redecking or if you need a new deck. As the saying goes, when it comes to your outdoor living future, better safe than sorry. So call us at 330-537-6412.

If My Akron Deck Needs Redecking, What Does That Entail?

If it is determined that your Akron deck foundation and substructure is safe – with a solid and healthy deck frame, joists and support posts – Redecking to give your outdoor living space a fresh now look may be just the ticket.

In our professional deck experience, after the 15 year mark, many Akron homeowners begin to see signs of aging showing up on their wood deck. Sometimes, it can be serious like wood rot or insect damage. Other times, it's just the result of sunlight, water, and the changing seasons that causes cracks, frailty, or issues with structural integrity.

The benefit of working with our deck experts from Archadeck of Akron is that we offer both design and redecking services. That allows us to help you fully realize the idea you have in mind. It’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what you want. Since you already have an old deck in place, if we determine that we can redeck your current structure, we can help you decide how to enhance it and give it more functionality, greater access and longer life.

Furthermore, not only can we restore your deck to its previous state, but we can also enhance and expand on what you previously had. If you’d like to extend the deck or add new features, we’ll be able to do that, as well. We can also accommodate a change in colors or materials. If you decide you simply want something similar to what you already had originally, we can do that, too, just by improving it.

Some popular and often requested Redecking enhancements include:

  • Adding bench seating to accommodate guests when your outdoor space or furniture is limited
  • Upgrading railings for better support and safety, and even a drink rail for a convenient place to rest your beverage or cell phone while chatting with others
  • Installing a pergola or covered area for shade and sun protection
  • Changing the direction or flow of the stairs for more logical access from various points within your landscape

Sometimes small Redecking deck changes can make a big difference. Just using a different material can give your outdoor space an entirely new look. We can Redeck using wood or composite materials.

In fact, if compromised rotting wood of your deck boards was the issue that caused you to be concerned in the first place, choosing a low maintenance deck flooring alternative such as AZEK TimberTech Composite or Advanced PVC Decking may be the perfect Redecking solution.

The Top 9 Reasons Why Archadeck Of Akron Deserves To Build Your New Deck

1. Our experience: Archadeck has been North America’s #1 choice for deck building since 1980 – and deck and outdoor living spaces is all we do.

2. Our quality material choices: When it comes to ensuring your deck safety, only the finest, strongest and most durable deck building materials will do.

3. Our expert craftsmanship: Nobody sweats the perfectionist details like our master deck building and deck construction Akron team.

4. Our custom design: When you mention a wish during your complimentary deck design consultation, we can make it come true with innovative, affordable and functional design choices and nuances for better outdoor living.

5. Our process of building not just according to code, but exceeding those codes: Perfection is our daily standard – no exceptions.

6. Our resilience in the market: With decades under our tool bets – and rave reviews from our clients – Archadeck stands alone.

7. Our relationship with AZEK TimberTech and other top-notch suppliers: When you come to Archadeck of Akron you expect the very best in superior deck building materials – and that is just what you’ll get – each and every time.

8. Our Warranties: Truthfully, the very best Warranties in the deck business – and by Warranties we mean more than safeguards.

9. Our professionalism: Our dedication to our craft is unparallelled here in Akron – deck craftspeople all.

Akron, Our Expert Deck Team Is Ready When You Are

For an in-depth deck rehabilitation or deck replacement consultation, call Archadeck of Akron at 330-537-6412.

You can also click this link right here to connect with our deck expert team right now.

Patrick Sluss, owner Archadeck of Akron.