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Why "The Archadeck Difference" is THE difference you're looking for

We call it “The Archadeck Difference” because we exceed expectations, deliver value and guarantee your outdoor living project will be right. Archadeck of Akron will design and build your outdoor living structures to your specifications. We value what you value, including expert service, peace of mind and quality projects done right.

Patio with outdoor kitchen and pergola

Are you familiar with all the types of projects we can build for you?

Archadeck of Akron is your custom deck and porch builder, and more. We design and build each of the structures listed above, and we also design combination outdoor living spaces. For an amazing combination outdoor living space, Archadeck of Akron can create a design for you incorporating two or more of these components so they work together beautifully.

Throughout Archadeck’s 30+ years of experience, we’ve tabulated what our customers have said are the most important factors when choosing a contractor: The Archadeck Difference is based on those factors and include 7 characteristics. Which 2 of these mean the most to you?

  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Process
  • Custom Design
  • Construction
  • Safeguards
  • Value

Experience, Professionalism and Process

Based on our experience, we know communication and clarity on project details are important. Archadeck is known for our highly effective communication style to ensure a smooth process during the design phase as well as the building phase. For each project, we print plans and supporting documents with clear notations for absolute clarity. A variety of individuals will rely on these documents for accuracy, including those who issue building permits and conduct inspections for the county, city or township building departments. We coordinate permits and inspections for your project, and we will provide your Homeowners Association with the plans need for their approval as well.

Custom Design

For the initial project design, we listen to your description of what you want in your new outdoor living space. We offer suggestions based on our experience, discarding those that don’t feel right for you and incorporating those that do. The best designs are usually the product of collaboration between the client and the designer.

We generate architectural drawings to show you Archadeck’s design recommendations.

Custom design for deck

  • Plan view — a 2-dimensional computerized drawing
  • Design rendering — the same drawing, but in a 3-dimensional view. Here you can see the details and colors of your project.


Our first goal is a satisfied client. In our 30+ years of experience, we have learned that the most important aspect of our work is the construction stage, and the only way to ensure smooth construction is through communication. When managing your project, we use a checklist to stay organized. To ensure your satisfaction, we establish clear expectations including constant communication, a clean project site, minimal inconvenience to you and adhering to a timely schedule.

Backyard patio with fire pit
— Akron, OH, outdoor living combination

One of Archadeck’s goals during the construction of your outdoor living project is strict quality control. We know it’s important to you that the company you choose has high construction standards. To achieve this goal, we follow plans, not suggestions. Most important, we follow Archadeck’s deep experience-based construction methodology for consistency. We focus on structural and material planning for continuity of designs. We conduct preconstruction meetings for every project, and your Archadeck of Akron team members will visit your site regularly for quality control audits.

Safeguards, Peace of Mind

Here are the ways Archadeck makes sure you are protected:

Warranty logo

  • Written warranty (1 year on workmanship and 5 years on structure)
  • National Guarantee Corporation Warranty. Third Party guarantee of project completion and 2 years post-completion
  • General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance
  • All projects constructed above code regulations for strength and longevity

Archadeck® Contract Selection Checklist

  1. Integrity & respect in all our relationships ✓

  2. Written specifications, agreement & warranty ✓

  3. Warranty ̶12-mo. workmanship & 60-mo. structural ✓

  4. National guarantee of job completion & warranty ✓

  5. Experienced / polite / skilled carpenters & staff ✓

  6. Background checks on all employees ✓

  7. Permit application & inspections ✓

  8. Exact price for project, no estimates ✓

  9. Balanced & fair payment plan ✓

  10. $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance ✓

  11. Workers Compensation Insurance for all workers ✓

  12. Award-winning designs ✓

Our Value Promise: Archadeck of Akron’s price match guarantee

  • Your home is one of your biggest assets, so don’t risk choosing the wrong contractor
  • We provide value that ensures a positive experience and successful completion
  • We will beat anyone’s price by $500 if they can match us — but no one will beat us on value

With written proof and valid documentation of the elements listed below being provided by another company, we will reduce our price to beat theirs by $500:

  • The same design (size, shape, materials and details)
  • Full structural plans that exceed building code
  • Acquisition of the permit and coordination of all inspections
  • General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance
  • 1-year Workmanship & 5-year Structural Warranty
  • 3rd Party Guarantee of Project Completion and Warranty Fulfillment by an independent corporate entity

This is our Exact Price Guarantee:

  • Our price is firm unless hidden site conditions arise or project details are changed by the homeowner
  • Offer valid within 10 calendar days of signing an Archadeck contract

Moving Forward

When you are happy with the design recommendation and ready to commit, we will proceed with a written agreement and documented plans including specification sheets.

Custom deck design

Make your backyard dreams happen sooner

Will you need to finance the project in order to move forward? Through our financing partner, GreenSky, we make financing options available if you will need to spread payments out over a longer period of time. The financing can be used for your entire project or for upgrades and amenities. It can also be used for building your project in stages. We also accept credit card payment, which is another thing that sets us apart from our competition.

Consistency is Job 1

One reason Archadeck is able to deliver quality work and customer satisfaction is our consistency across a nationwide network of franchise locations.

  • Founded in 1980 by an architect and contractor
  • Over 125,000 projects built nationwide
  • Franchisor’s role:

– Coach, train and support
– Proven track record
– Structural oversight
– National vendor relationships

  • Financial stability:

– We will be around to honor your warranties

Archadeck of Akron is locally owned by Patrick Sluss. I have over 10 years of construction experience and it is the small details that you pay a little extra for upfront that makes your project stand the test of time.

Deck with railing and stairs
— Here in this photo you can see one of those details. Grace Vycor Deck Protector. The black that is under the steps is the Grace Vycor. Once the last piece of trim goes on no one sees this product but it protects your structure from water being trapped or absorbed on top of the wood joist and stringers.

We Guarantee Your Project Will Be Right

  • Archadeck Customer Service Awards
  • Top 200 Exterior Contractor & Top 500 Remodelers, by Qualified Remodeler
  • Military Friendly Franchise Award by G.I. Jobs
  • 90% Net Promoter Score (2015)
  • World-Class Franchise by The Franchise Research Institute

Affordable, Functional & Stunning Custom Design & Building — Is there any reason you wouldn’t consider working with Archadeck?

Contact Archadeck of Akron today to schedule your free design consultation. The benefits you will get from a new outdoor living space are priceless! You can reach us at (330) 537-6412.

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