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With Archadeck of Akron You Get Much More Than Just An Outdoor Living Space Builder

When you choose Archadeck of Akron to design and build your deck, patio, porch or other outdoor living space you get much more than just the structure. What do we mean by this statement, you may ask? The answer to this question is as simple as it is complex. Where other builders may be quicker to the draw in coming up with a quote, or have the ability to start your project on a dime, you have to ask yourself why?

Do You Know Who’s Building Your Project? With Archadeck, You Do!

If you’ve started to round up quotes or estimates for an outdoor living project at your home, how do you know who to trust? Have you asked friends and colleagues for referrals? Have you seen builders recommended online—but recommended by people you don’t actually know? Have you read their reviews?,,, Have you perused their completed project portfolio? Have you done enough due diligence?

Just like any other service professional, the ones who are really good at what they do have a backlog. Any builder that claims they have no backlog should immediately send a red flag. A quality, well designed and built structure takes time – time to craft a design, time to communicate with the client, and time to secure permitting and materials.

Hiring a deckpatio or porch contractor is no small task, especially if you prefer to “go it alone.” That might mean meeting with builders you find online, vetting them and comparing their quotes or estimates. One issue with this approach is you don’t necessarily know what kind of experience you’re going to have once you hire someone.

With Archadeck, You Get More Than A Builder

Man leveling a deckAs part of North America’s largest deck and porch builder, Archadeck locations nationwide have built more than 100,000 outdoor living structures since opening the doors in 1980. If that is not impressive enough, your local Archadeck location (Archadeck of Akron), has a network of experts that have our back. We are licensed, insured and trained in all applicable areas of the trade. Each Archadeck location maintains a minimum of $1 million in liability coverage and full workers compensation insurance (where required by law) to protect you from any possible mishaps.

We have also built and nurtured relationships with preferred material vendors to ensure your project is built with the best materials and the most value.

Our Process

When you set up a design consultation with Archadeck of Akron, we listen to the type of outdoor living space you want. We then tailor that space to meet your needs, personal tastes and budget. What you get with us in not just an “estimate” of what your project will cost. We provide an exact quote for your project – this means you know up front what the cost is and ensures no surprises along the way.

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Our Designs

At Archadeck, we do a lot more for our clients than just build structures. All of our outdoor living projects start with a professional custom design. Your design consultant will take the time to understand how you view your outdoor living lifestyle. This includes the types of activities you wish to carry out in your new space, how many people your space will need to accommodate and much more. We want to know your vision for the project. Whether you are adding a simple wooden deck or concrete patio to your home or a multi-faceted project, you have our undivided attention. Are you thinking of a combination outdoor living space that contains more than one structure? We can even design your combination project in phases according to your lifestyle and budget.

Outdoor living combination

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Our Warranties

Every deck, porch, patio or other custom outdoor structure we build is backed by Archadeck’s written warranty for one year workmanship and for five years of structural integrity. When you choose us to be your contractor, first, we include a one-year workmanship warranty with every project. This will cover defects including severe warping, leaking or shifting. Then, we also provide a five-year structural integrity warranty covering the fitness of the construction components and the integrity of your new outdoor living space.

Wood deck

These warranties are further backed by the National Guarantee Corporation, which guarantees that your residential outdoor living project will be completed to the terms of your contract and built to the agreed upon specifications and with a warranty of performance for up to two years.

And there’s more! Depending on the building materials you select, manufacturers’ warranties may apply to protect you against defects in materials. And Archadeck’s intensive training and, in many cases, certification as an official installer help reinforce your confidence that those manufacturers’ warranties won’t be adversely affected by installation issues.

Custom Deck

Without a doubt, no other company in the remodeling and outdoor living space industry provides this level of client assurance and protection Archadeck does. Are you ready to talk about building the custom back yard (or front yard) outdoor space you’ve been wanting? Contact Archadeck of Akron today at (330) 537-6412 or email us to get the ball rolling!

Patrick Sluss of Archadeck
Patrick Sluss, owner of Archadeck of Akron