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If Your Outdoor Living Dreams Haven’t Come True Yet, Contact Us!

As 2020 drew to a close, did you have outdoor living projects you thought would be completed by now—but aren’t started? Replacing a deck, adding a covered patio, creating a perfect outdoor living room … were any of these on your list for 2020? Many Akron homeowners have had outdoor living projects in mind this year that haven’t yet advanced beyond ideas. Let Archadeck of Akron help you ring in the New Year with your project already in the design stage! Now is the best time to get started, for several reasons.

composite deck

Why It’s Smart to Start Planning Your New Deck or Covered Patio NOW

  • Plan ahead so you’ll be ready for spring. Thinking ahead, when does the 2021 outdoor living season begin? Are you thinking about spring? If you want to enjoy your new deck, screened porch or covered patio as soon as our weather turns favorable for outdoor living, let’s start now. Spring will be here before you know it. We need time to work up your project design, order materials, obtain building permits—all before construction can begin.
  • Get on our schedule before our winter fills up with jobs that get in ahead of yours. We work through the winter, weather permitting. Once we tie down your project’s design, we want to start construction. The sooner you set up your Archadeck design consultation, the sooner we can add your project to our construction schedule. EVERYONE wants their project completed by late spring or early summer. Will everyone get on our schedule in time for a winter/spring build? Those who delay their decision now may not see their projects completed by spring or even summer. Please keep in mind that the most sought-after, high-quality builders like Archadeck are the ones whose schedules fill up farther in advance.
  • Save money by locking in prices on materials. Consider this sequence of events: meet with your Archadeck design consultant, talk about your design, finalize the design, sign a contract, order materials. Why this is important: manufacturers and vendors of outdoor living construction materials typically raise their prices after the first of the year. If we can get your design finalized and materials ordered before prices increase, you will save money on your outdoor living project. Depending on the size and scope of the project you have in mind, savings may be significant. Waiting even a week or two longer to get started can mean missing the opportunity to save.

At Archadeck of Akron, we are not interested in creating a false sense of urgency to reel you in. That’s not how we conduct business. We do, however, want our prospective clients to be able to make informed decisions knowing how their timing can impact their projects.

screened porch

Need Inspiration for Your 2021 Outdoor Living Improvements?

Some homeowners already know exactly what kind of outdoor living structures they want to add, while others are looking for inspiration. Where do you go for inspiration? We can offer assistance even before we meet with you. You can start by taking a look at our photo and video galleries. We even have a web page called “What we Build.” That’s a great place to begin if you’re looking for ideas.

outdoor deck

Are you familiar with the concept of an “outdoor living room?” We are meeting with more homeowners looking for a complete outdoor living solution to address all of their outdoor needs. This type of outdoor living space frequently combines two or more structures for ultimate functionality. We’re talking about a deck and patio combination with a fire feature, for example. Or a screened porch and open porch combination—you can even include an outdoor kitchen. What combination of structures would create the ideal space for the leisure time you spend relaxing and entertaining friends?

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custom porch

Would a covered patio provide the kind of outdoor relaxation and recreation you want? Some folks call this a porch. An open porch or covered patio can be the setting for your most relaxing days or your most lively get-togethers. At Archadeck of Akron, we build structures best suited to your lifestyle and the way you want to enjoy the outdoors at home.

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Wishing All A Happy and Healthy New Year!

To all of our current clients, past clients and clients-to-be, we wish you a peaceful holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year. If we have not worked with you yet, we look forward to providing your outdoor living solutions in the months ahead.

Let Archadeck of Akron help you plan the outdoor living structures you have been thinking about. We can schedule a “virtual design consultation” using video-conferencing technology. Contact Archadeck of Akron to get started.