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Are You Ready for Patio Time at Your Akron-area Home?

As summer winds its way to Akron, OH, patios and hardscapes are in season. Are you ready? If not, you have several decisions to make. We don’t want to rush you, but summer is not going to last all year! If you plan to enjoy your new patio during prime patio season, it’s time to swing into action.

Deck and patio with seating area and fire pit

Patio builder Archadeck of Akron is available to help you sort through design options to select the materials, size, and shape for your perfect patio. As you explore different types of patios and consider how different styles of hardscapes would look added to your home, you may experience one of two things. Either the more you look at patio materials, the closer you’ll get to narrowing down your preferences or … you may find yourself overwhelmed. Either way, the process will be a whole lot easier if you work with a professional hardscape contractor – Archadeck of Akron, of course!

With that decision out of the way – having selected patio specialist Archadeck of Akron as your patio designer and builder – you can move on to the tougher decisions.

Does it matter which patio material you choose?

Of course it does! It matters a lot, because a patio addition becomes an integral part of your home. You’ll be spending a good deal of time on the patio, especially if it’s your primary outdoor living space. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, it matters even more. It’s important to select a material that reflects your tastes, something you’ll enjoy for years.

Backyard patio

The good news is whether you select pavers, bricks, natural stone, or stamped concrete, a patio is a low-maintenance outdoor living structure. Hose it off occasionally, or use a mild detergent, and you’re all set. If you choose to seal your patio for extra protection, you likely won’t need to reseal it for several years.

Is a stain and stamp concrete patio calling your name?

Plenty of Akron homeowners are hearing the call of stamped concrete for a new patio. Not only is this type of patio the most affordable, but it also lends itself to oodles of creativity. Once again, we’re talking about decisions you will need to make, but these are the fun kind – think colors and patterns.

Patio slate pattern
— Random slate pattern.

With a stain and stamp concrete patio, clients usually select two colors. The main color is mixed into the concrete itself. The second color is called a release color. The release agent serves the practical purpose of keeping the stamp from sticking to the concrete as the installer stamps your pattern. In addition to that, the release agent adds a second color to your stamped concrete patio. It’s frequently used as an accent color.

Which stamped concrete patio designs are most popular right now?

A stain and stamp design that’s especially popular with our clients right now is a random slate pattern in gray. This stain and stamp combination produces a nice, neutral two-tone gray that matches almost anything. The popularity of this design isn’t surprising because gray is a very hot color right now in both interior and exterior design. Did you know that Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2019 is a shade of gray called Metropolitan?

Backyard patio with fire pit

Another popular selection is a wood plank pattern that mimics the look of hardwood floors. Using a soft brown with a walnut release will produce a stamped concrete patio your friends will swear is wood.

From colors to patterns, create your unique design combination

After selecting stain and release colors, you’ll need to select a stamp pattern for your concrete patio. If you haven’t explored patterns yet, you may be surprised by the number available. Stamp designs can mimic the look of brick, natural stone, slate, tile … and, yes, even wood planks. With so many patterns, you’ll have no trouble finding one you like. Pattern designs range from symmetrical and orderly to random or irregular, with a variety of textures. Have fun with it!

Paver patios provide classic style and extra durability

Seating area on patio

If you have your heart set on a paver patio, once again you have plenty of options to work with. At Archadeck of Akron we especially like using Unilock pavers, and we’ll be happy to show you why. Their beauty, high quality, and versatility cannot be surpassed. Unilock offers several price points, so pavers can be an affordable choice for a patio. Pavers are reliably uniform, and we can arrange them in many different patterns to achieve whatever look you have in mind. Working with several sizes and colors, we can create borders or other contrasting designs with pavers. The design possibilities can seem infinite.

Outdoor fireplace on patio

Natural stone is an elegant choice for your new Akron, OH, patio

Some Ohio homeowners consider natural stone to be the most beautiful material for a patio. Types of stone available for patios include flagstone, granite, and marble. Sandstone, limestone, travertine, and slate are types of flagstone, and we’re just getting started! If you’re interested in a natural stone patio, we’ll narrow down your options by looking at what colors appeal to you most, and what shapes. Some types of stone are cut into rectangular shapes, while some are usually irregular in shape. Again, with natural stone you have plenty of options.

When does a patio become a hardscape?

Hardscape is a general term that encompasses patio materials, as opposed to plants used in landscaping, so the patio itself is a hardscape. However, a hardscape can include much more than a simple patio design. During your initial design consultation, we’ll talk with you about the size and shape you have in mind for your patio. The size of your yard and how much space is available for the patio is an important factor, of course. If you have in mind a patio project that includes an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or outdoor fireplace, people are more likely to refer to that as a hardscape. Other hardscape elements include retaining walls, seating walls, pillars, and even planters.

Backyard raised patio

When we create your custom hardscape design, we may use more than one type of material for the various elements. For example, we might design an outdoor kitchen structure made with stone pavers that complement your stamped concrete patio. Here we (and you!) have another opportunity to be creative and design a unique outdoor living space perfect for your home.

Patio with lounge area and custom hot tub deck

Are you day-dreaming about the perfect patio, maybe with an outdoor kitchen or other amazing features? Archadeck of Akron is ready to help you choose the perfect patio – hardscape – materials, colors, and design combination. To get started, just call. You can contact Archadeck of Akron today at at (330) 537-6412.

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