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Looking For A Deck, Porch, Or Patio Builder In Macon? Archadeck Of Central GA Is Your Trusted Source

Macon GA backyards that cherish outdoor living leisure time and fun turn to Archadeck of Central Georgia for custom designed combination projects that add terrific value to their lives – as well as adding value to the home itself.

women sitting on deck in front of fireplace reading

Macon Deck Builder

Macon families know that the beginning of fantastic outdoor living experiences often start with a new deck. As such, Archadeck of Central Georgia advises Macon area homeowners to be cautious when selecting a company to design and build their new deck.

Not everyone who can nail two boards together will qualify as a legitimate deck builder. And, not everyone who can build a deck has the high standards, professional business practices, and quality workmanship you get with Archadeck as your deck builder and design company.

Macon Wooden Decks

The popularity of wood decks in Macon, Georgia, like in many other parts of the United States, can be attributed to various factors, including historical and cultural trends, as well as the availability of materials and construction methods.

large wooden deck with white gate and rocking chairs

Archadeck began building wooden decks back in 1980 to fill a tremendous void created by new home builders. Back then, outdoor living spaces for the most part were not taken into consideration by home builders. At best, they gave new homeowners a concrete pad outside their rear home door so they had something to step on besides grass to enter their backyard.

Thanks to Archadeck, wooden decks experienced a significant boom in popularity especially during the 1980s and 1990s. As demand increased, so did deck building materials with the development of pressure-treated lumber, which made wood decks more affordable and durable.

Pressure-treated lumber is a type of wood that has been treated with preservatives to make it more resistant to decay, rot, and insect damage. The process of making pressure-treated lumber involves impregnating the wood with these preservatives under pressure to ensure they penetrate deeply into the wood fibers.

The pressure-treated lumber then undergoes quality control checks to ensure that it meets the desired preservative retention levels and performance standards.

Macon Low Maintenance Decks

For Macon homeowners who want to avoid the regular care of wood decks, they often choose low maintenance deck building materials from TimberTech/AZEK.

wicker chair on deck with white fence and flowers

Under the AZEK banner, there are two extremely popular low maintenance deck building materials – TimberTech Composite Decking and TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking.

TimberTech Composite Decking is the premium Composite decking material with a polymer cap for long lasting performance.

TimberTech Composite Decking innovates beyond traditional composite decking with realistic wood looks and a renowned proprietary, protective cap that locks out moisture and locks in rich color.

2 people sitting on couch outside on deck

When it comes to maintenance, an occasional whisk of a broom and a garden hose rinse is all that’s needed. Now what could be more low maintenance that that?

Made in the USA from approximately 80% recycled material including plastic bags, milk jugs, and other discarded plastics for an eco-friendly choice, you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected by limited product and fade and stain warranties that last up to 30 years.

Macon Redecking

Whether your preference is wooden or low maintenance deck building materials, Archadeck of Central GA can renew the usable life of your current deck with our expert redecking process.

To ensure that your current deck qualifies, during your complimentary design consultation, our team will thoroughly examine your deck – and especially its substructure – to make sure it is a good candidate for redecking here in Macon.

deck with outdoor furniture facing tall trees

If the base that the deck is built on is in good shape, you may be able to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars by redecking.

The key elements we look at during this evaluation are the quality of the original substructure and how it has weathered or degraded over time. We also determine if any applicable building codes have changed since the deck was originally installed. If we do perform a redeck, we will make sure to comply with these codes as well.

If you are ready to breathe new life into your tired backyard deck and add years of outdoor living enjoyment, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia. You can reach us by phone at (478) 241-8406 or via email at

Macon Porch Builder

When the weather outside is cooperative here in Macon, there are few better places in your home to relax and unwind than outside on a new porch.

covered patio with outdoor furniture and fireplace

Whether it’s reading a book, spending time with your family, or simply getting some fresh air, a porch can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home. At Archadeck Outdoor Living, our porch contractors can design and build the porch of your dreams.

If you cherish the flow of fresh breezes outdoors, but prefer protection from the sun or rain, an open porch might be the best compromise. You’ll get the benefit of unrestricted airflow while still being covered. Covered porches also allow you to have other amenities uncovered spaces can’t, such as fans and televisions.

Macon Screened Porch Contractor

If you prefer to have added protection, you may want us to create a screened porch to keep annoying bugs and insects out – as well as occasional windblown backyard debris – especially fallen leaves during autumn.

screened in porch with furniture

There are a variety of screen options you can choose from. Some offer UV protection, while others offer more privacy. We can discuss all of this with you during your complimentary screened porch design consultation.

Macon Outdoor Living Combinations

One of the tremendous joys and benefits of choosing Archadeck of Central GA as your custom outdoor living space designer and contactor is that you can have it all – from one cohesive and professional source.

Whatever options you desire, Archadeck can deliver – with pleasure.

As a locally owned and operated company backed by the premier Archadeck national brand, we are committed to providing quality work that you will admire for many years to come.

deck with chairs and firepit

We have established national relationships with preferred material vendors and utilize our Job Process Methodology that ensures your new structures are built well with all the functionality you desire – and then some. By focusing on both the integration of expert design and uncompromising quality, we make sure the finished result is exactly what you have in mind.

Macon Patio And Hardscapes Builder

To our acclaim and credit, we are much more than decks. Our residential patios and hardscape outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason.

These custom areas offer a tremendous range of functionality and benefits that enhance the quality of life for homeowners. For example, Macon patios and hardscape outdoor living spaces are perfect for hosting gatherings, parties, and social events.

hardscape patio with furniture and fireplace

They provide a comfortable and inviting setting for family and friends to come together, even at a moment’s notice. Whether it's a barbecue, a game night, or simply a place to chat and relax, these exquisitely designed and built spaces facilitate social interaction and create lasting memories.

For year-round use, with the addition of outdoor heaters, awnings, or pergolas, patios and hardscape spaces can be used throughout the year, even in inclement weather. This extends their functionality beyond the warm summer months, making them an investment in year-round outdoor living.

Macon Outdoor Kitchens

A popular addition to patios, hardscapes and even decks, are outdoor kitchens. As foodie awareness continues to rise to new heights thanks to streaming TV shows and social media, Archadeck believes that taking it outside may be the best idea yet.

outdoor brick kitchen

Today’s outdoor kitchens by Archadeck of Central GA typically feature high-quality, weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel, stone, granite, and durable synthetic materials like outdoor-rated cabinetry. These materials not only withstand the elements; but they also contribute to a stylish and upscale look.

Our outdoor kitchens are no longer limited to just grills. Innovations include built-in pizza ovens, smokers, rotisseries, and side burners. These options allow for a wider variety of cooking techniques and menu choices.

Custom outdoor kitchen designs now incorporate plenty of storage space, including drawers, cabinets, and shelves. This storage is designed to keep utensils, cookware, and grilling accessories organized and protected from the elements.

outdoor rock kitchen with grills

In addition, outdoor refrigerators and beverage coolers are becoming standard features in Macon outdoor kitchens. These appliances keep drinks cold and ingredients fresh, eliminating the need to run back and forth between the indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Macon Outdoor Fire Features

Once outdoors, your family and guests may not want to go back inside the house to extend the evening enjoyment. As such, adding a custom fire feature to your outdoor living space is a great idea.

When it comes to new outdoor fire features, homeowners have a wide range of choices to suit their preferences, needs, and the overall aesthetic of their outdoor space. The number of options can be quite extensive, but here are some of the key choices one can consider.

outdoor hardscape patio with chairs and fireplace

Homeowners can now choose between a fire pit and a fireplace. Fire pits are open and provide a 360-degree view of the flames, making them great for social gatherings. Fireplaces are more enclosed and offer a cozier, intimate atmosphere.

As for fuel that create those warm glows, Archadeck Macon clients can choose from three fire pit and fireplace power sources.

  1. Wood-Burning: Traditional wood-burning fire features provide the crackling sound and authentic aroma of a wood fire.
  2. Gas-Burning: Gas fire features are convenient, with adjustable flames and easy ignition. They can be powered by natural gas or propane.
  3. Bioethanol: These fire features use clean-burning bioethanol fuel and are often portable and eco-friendly.

Macon 3 Season Rooms, 4 Season Rooms And Sunrooms

In the spirit of being able to have your cake and eat it, too, how about an outdoor living space that totally works regardless of the season?

corner 3 season room on a red brick home

With our 3 Season Rooms, 4 Season Rooms, and Sunrooms, you can now have it. Let’s take a look at each option.

3-Season Rooms: Three-season rooms are designed for use during spring, summer, and fall. They are not typically insulated or equipped with HVAC systems, so they are not really suitable for use in extremely cold or hot weather. They often feature large windows or screens to let in plenty of natural light and fresh air. Screens can be replaced with glass panels in colder weather. In addition, they may have minimal insulation, if any, and are not designed to maintain a consistent temperature in extreme conditions.

3 season room overlooking a pond

4-Season Rooms: Four-season rooms, as the name suggests, are designed to be comfortable and usable year-round. They are insulated and are often equipped with heating and cooling systems, making them suitable for all seasons. These rooms typically have large windows with energy-efficient glass to maintain a consistent indoor temperature and are well-insulated to keep the space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Flooring can vary but often includes materials like hardwood or carpet for comfort. As for functionality and utility, 4 season rooms can serve as additional living spaces, home offices, playrooms, or dining areas, allowing homeowners to enjoy the outdoors while staying comfortable in any weather.

Sunrooms: Sunrooms, also known as solariums or conservatories, are designed to maximize exposure to natural light and outdoor views. They are often used as peaceful retreats, garden rooms, or indoor gardening spaces. They feature a high percentage of glass, including transom windows and sometimes glass roofs or skylights. They provide an abundance of natural light and a strong connection with the surrounding landscape. Macon sunrooms often feature tile or stone flooring, which can help absorb and radiate heat from the sun, and are primarily used for relaxation, plant cultivation, or as a cozy space to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in a climate-controlled environment.

Now That You Know Much More About The Finest Macon Outdoor Living Space Builder, Let’s Meet At Your Convenience

Call us today to schedule your complimentary design consultation by dialing 478-241-8406. Or just click this link right here to instantly connect with us.

John Haugabook, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

Attention To Detail At Every Step of The Process

All Archadeck projects start with a phone call so we can learn more about your outdoor living project and to schedule our initial, in-person design consultation. Once you do get started with us, you will be protected by two separate guarantees, constituting the most expansive customer protection plan in the industry. Local oversight also assures your property and privacy are respected. We attend to every detail from securing any needed building permits, to the final cleanup, and we work very hard to be as unobtrusive as possible during the entire construction phase.

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