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Setting a Macon GA screened porch right

Archadeck of Central Georgia is a trusted outdoor living designer and builder in the Macon area. These homeowners had a very specific need with their existing screened porch, and called on us for assistance. We brought our porch building experience, we put this screened porch right.

Imagine having a private wooded lot with gorgeous views, which you have enjoyed from your private, elevated screened porch for 10 years. Then, imagine that one day a seemingly minor mishap begins a year-long process of deck and porch support degradation. You’re no longer able to close your screen door – and your porch feels like it’s leaning.

Screened porch and deck with outdoor kitchen and trees view
—Macon GA screened porch with a scenic wooded view

We are your trusted Macon GA porch builders!

Fact is, this screened porch and deck were leaning. These Macon clients were facing a potential catastrophic failure when they contacted us. Our goal was not only to prevent further damage, but to properly address these support failures, so this family could continue to enjoy their porch safely.

Existing deck and porch support
—Existing deck and porch support pole in Macon, GA

More than a year ago, a visiting repair person accidentally hit one of the deck’s support poles with his vehicle. While no huge problems presented at the time, these failures began to happen by degrees. The age of the deck and porch supports, along with the settling of the earth around them, and the collision with the post all set into motion the resulting lean of the porch and deck.

Elevated screened porch and deck
—Elevated screened porch and deck in Macon

This elevated outdoor living space is 20 feet off the ground on this sloping, wooded lot. Support issues with a porch or deck this high up are no small undertaking, and should be addressed immediately. Archadeck of Central GA noticed that there were issues of rotting wood at the bottom of a post, as well as erosion of the original concrete used to secure the supports.

Allow our experience in building porches in the Macon Warner Robins area to work for you!

Replacement support for porch and deck
—Replacement support posts and added support were in order for this porch and deck

We used a car jack system to set the posts. We replaced the existing telephone pole post underneath the deck, as well as one rotting porch post with new 6×6 pressure-treated wood and reset them in new concrete foundation. We also installed an all-new additional 6×6 porch support.

New porch support posts
—Brand new posts will keep this porch and deck standing tall and strong

The saying, A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, can be applied to building. This porch and deck were only as strong as their weakest posts. Along with these clients, Archadeck of Central GA will be keeping an eye on this porch and deck to ensure that if ever it is in need of further support work, that it will be addressed promptly.

How safe is your deck?
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Company owner
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central Georgia.