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Wood and HardWood Decks

Are you thinking about a pressure-treated wood or a Brazilian hardwood deck?

You have come to the correct place to read about options and considerations for your Central GA wood deck or porch. Here is some information to help you make your decision.
macon georgia deck with cherry blossom tree

Wood can be considered low maintenance also

With all the talk about low-maintenance decking options, you may feel like those are the only options. This can’t be farther from the truth. Wood is a great option for a couple key reasons. First, pressure-treated wood is a good bit more economical than low-maintenance composites. If you are considering a Brazilian hardwood such as Ipe or Garapa, unfortunately, those may be in the same general price range of using composite or PVC decking material. But just because wood is not in the low-maintenance category of composites, that doesn’t mean it is high maintenance. Your pressure treated wood deck will require maintenance once every year; but if this is done you will be able to walk barefoot on your deck without fear of splinters. Your ipe wood deck won’t have to be pressure washed, or sealed every year if you don’t mind the grayed out look of genuine wood. Ipe is so dense that it ages much slower than pressure treated pine and may only require maintenance every four or five years.

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Is all pressure-treated wood the same?

No. There are different grades of pressure-treated pine and this seems more apparent in recent years. There are grades of pine that have more knots and that generally are not as strong as other higher grades of the same wood. Part of this can be attributed to trees coming from farms engineered for faster growth. With this accelerated rate of growth comes some loss of strength. Ask your builder about different grades of pressure-treated lumber.

Exotic Brazilian hardwoods
Ipe deck Macon GA

Exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, Garapa and Abaco are an excellent upper-end genuine wood option. These dense hardwoods naturally have tremendous variation in color from board to board but the boards themselves have beautiful striations. The wood itself is richly colored in a reddish, deep brown, or more of a golden shade depending on the type of wood. As noted above, exotic hardwoods come with a price tag that’s quite a bit higher and they will require maintenance in order to keep the deep rich color from graying out as all woods will do.

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