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Maybe We Should Change Our Name To Archadeck Low Maintenance Outdoor Living?

This stellar Central Georgia paver patio builder, hardscape builder, outdoor fire pit builder, outdoor kitchen builder, and outdoor fireplace builder has one thing in common for any and all spaces and places they design and build.

custom hardscape warner robins with outdoor fireplace


In other words: Nada, Nothing, No how, No way, Zilch. With just a quick spritz of a garden hose or a blast from a leaf blower, it’s just like new.

We Are The Paver Patio Builder That Knows What Easy And Breezy Outdoor Living Is All About

Let’s face it. Keeping the inside of your home is a big enough responsibility on a daily basis, so why in the name of Good Heavens would you want to bother and fuss about your backyard?

With an Archadeck paver patio, you can have your proverbial cake and eat it, too.

custom patio

Using exceptional quality paver patio and hardscape patio materials, we can pave your way to leisure outdoor living in a manner you most likely have never imagined.

Our hardscape products and materials feature a wide range of outdoor pavers, wall systems, and modular outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to help you enjoy the patio and hardscape outdoor living spaces you’ve always dreamed of.

The One Hardscape Builder Who Knows That A Backyard Oasis Isn’t Complete Without An Outdoor Fire Pit Or Outdoor Fireplace

So you’re in your backyard, having the most enjoyable time with family and friends – so much so that your neighbors are starting to join in on the fun.

custom hardscape

But as the day melts into dusk, there is the slightest chill in the air. If you’re lucky enough to have had this outdoor fire pit builder and outdoor fireplace builder prepare for this eventuality, you’re in luck. So much so, that you’ll all stay nice and toasty warm until you decide it’s time to call it a day.

Here In Georgia, Is An Outdoor Fireplace Worth The Investment?

Because a fireplace can change the look and use of a yard or patio, some homeowners hesitate for a bit before making this worthwhile investment. But there are many reasons why creating a custom outdoor fireplace is a beautifully functional and purposeful home improvement.

For starters, having an outdoor space that's as comfortable as your indoor space increases the usability of your property. It's like adding square footage or a new room to your home. That's just one reason. Check out some others below.

1. It provides warming comfort all year round

2. It adds real value to your home

3. It enhances the look of your yard giving it extra dimension

4. It keeps bothersome bugs away

5. It creates a wonderfully pleasant ambiance

6. It can be paired with other features like a mounted TV for a true outdoor living room

7. It can be customized to match your home's unique style

Speaking Of Fire, Get Out Of Your Kitchen And Into Your Backyard

If you’re like most homeowners in Georgia, you most likely have a stove top, oven, and microwave inside the house.

outdoor kitchens

But lucky Archadeck clients who have had this expert outdoor kitchen builder bring the best of what’s inside outside truly know there’s much more to life.

How about joining them for preparing your favorite meats on a sizzling red hot charcoal or gas grill? And if you’re all about barbecued ribs, brisket or pulled pork, then of course you’ll want to add a smoker or a Big Green Egg to get the job done right.

hardscape builder

Archadeck’s design team consultant would be most happy to review the options that are open to you for your backyard transformation.

Does Archadeck Serve Homeowners In The Macon And Warner Robins, Georgia Area?

You betcha – we sure do. In fact, if you’re ready to meet with us for a complimentary design consultation in Macon or Warner Robins, we invite you to call us at 478-241-8406. Or to connect with us as long as you’re here right now, just click this link and let’s set a date and time to meet.

John Haugabook, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

John Haugabook, owner Archadeck of Central GA.